Commercial Printing

The commercial printing business has become increasingly competitive. Only those companies implementing lean manufacturing techniques are the ones surviving. This means: more production, with less hands.

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Web2Print: produce fewer quotations and achieve more turnover

Aleyant Pressero lets you showcase your company in the Cloud. You don’t need to be a web developer to put a modern, professional looking website online in no time at all. With the webshop in Pressero, you can offer your products to the general public. You can also offer customised and closed webshops to your larger customers. You can even make products available that customers can easily customise online. Once the file is ready, Pressero will calculate the price and deal with the payment. This way, you spend less time producing quotations so you can concentrate on commercial activities that make a real difference.

Check & correct, online and offline

At the heart of the Four Pees offer for printers is callas pdfToolbox, a true pre-press-in-a-box solution, standardizing incoming files to the same quality, ensuring nothing goes wrong at the time of print. As preflighting has become a commodity and as current job turnaround times and margins don’t leave any room for interactive, manual verification or fixing of files, pdfToolbox Server offers the possibility to operate hands-off as part of any automation workflow. pdfToolbox CLI can easily be integrated in any web environment becoming part of your Web2Print portal.

Pre-press for dummies

pdfToolbox is also the PDF engine behind Aleyant tFLOW. For the lesser techies among us, tFLOW offers an extremely user-friendly skin on top of pdfToolbox. Check and fix incoming files and convert them to the right output conditions and color standard for the machine it will be printed on. tFLOW moves further upstream, providing an order and job management tool combined with job submission and an online collaboration platform. It replaces different systems we used to know: FTP for uploading and downloading, project management, back-and-forth of emails with annotated PDFs and final approval, all is handled with tFLOW in a fully automated way. As a cherry on the cake, tFLOW also includes pdfToolbox technology so that errors in files are detected early in the process and can either be corrected in the native files or automatically upon releasing them into the workflow.

Automate to the max

FileTrain provides a streamlined high-speed railwaysystem for all your files and information related to your production. With Laidback Solutions FileTrain you can automatically pick up files from different servers and email accounts, and guide them through the right processing steps. What is the job ID? How many copies need to be printed? FileTrain also allows exchanging information between your production system and MIS. Linked with pdfToolbox, you can fully automatically check the information of what was intended to be printed and if that corresponds to the delivered files. If needed you can dynamically fix files based on the original job requirements.

Hands-off colormanagement

With files increasingly created by non-professionals in about any application that will do the job, not only file, but also color integrity remains a pain point. ColorLogic ZePrA color server will automatically fix these problems for you and at the same time optimize the ink usage in the file. This not only saves an incredible amount of labor in prepping the file, it also reduces the pure production cost. If your needs are less complicated, you can simply use the ColorLogic DeviceLink Profiles in pdfToolbox.

If your customers and/or press operator still prefer a physical proof , CMA contract proofing paper offers you a standards compliant, cost-effective option. Even if you already have your own proofing rip, the high-quality CMA Proofing Papers will most likely offer you a more economic alternative, matching the quality you’re used to.

Sheets, optimized

So now your files are ready to go. But which press will you print on, 4-up or 8-up? Will you go offset or digital? And if you have two or more jobs going on the same paper stock, you can combine them to minimize paper waste. Insoft Imp will calculate all the different options for you, automatically gang different jobs on one sheet and see which press is most cost-effective.

The more IT savvy printers looking at an offering a template-based Web2Print system should consider callas pdfChip. pdfChip converts HTML files in press-ready PDF files. It supports all HTML features, but extends to support CMYK, spot color, XMP metadata, PDF standards, SVG, MathML, barcodes and more.

Need assistance?

You see that every individual technology has its hand in making your business less manual and more profitable. If you need any help identifying which one fits your needs best, we’ll be happy to help. Simply contact us for an online session to analyze your needs and get a demo.

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