World Publishing Expo

16 Aug 2016

Laidback Solutions will be exhibiting at this year's World Publishing Expo in Vienna, Austria. You can find them in hall C at the conference counters. They will be showing FileTrain and Cargo. FileTrain is like an octopus with tentacles everywhere, watching all places where files enter your system, it filters and sorts files based upon your own criteria’s (e.g. metadata, color space, size, sender etc) and puts them where you want them. Cargo makes your workflow much more efficient. If you take a look at your current workflow for your traffic department you will probably find that they have many manual steps in their processes and that files that are OK almost take as long to process as files that are incorrect. PDF files that are OK should simply just fly through the system, you should not waste any time on files that are OK.

Next to FileTrain and Cargo, Tom Peire, CEO at Four Pees, will also show you the advantages of pdfToolbox, a true pre-press-in-a-box solution, standardizing incoming files to the same quality, ensuring nothing goes wrong when printing.

Elpical Claro is an automatic image enhancement solution based on in-depth analysis of each individual image. Claro enhances sharpness, contrast, brightness and many more aspects of an image, completely automatically.

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