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Webinars - Secrets from the support vaults

14 November - 19 December 2017
Webinars - Secrets from the support vaults

At Four Pees and callas support, we deal with a wide range of pdfToolbox questions from customers and partners. Many of those are interesting for everyone! In this webinar series, we delve into the support vaults and talk about interesting questions and problems, and their solutions of course.

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  • Using the "slice" functionality in pdfToolbox Desktop and pdfToolbox Server. What does slice do exactly? What can it be used for? And how can you automate it?
  • The secret of page sizes and how to modify the standard page sizes in the imposition engine of pdfToolbox without causing problems.
  • How can you set the order of fixups in a preflight profile? Take a dive into the wonderful world of preflight profiles and process plans, and learn when you should use which one.
  • How to download and maintain older versions of the software?
  • An in-depth look at activation and deactivation and how to handle them in pdfToolbox Desktop, Server and CLI.
  • How can I use variables to modify the error message generated by a check? A practical example with a check on trimbox size and how you can make it better.
  • Making a check that looks whether the trimbox is centered in the mediabox using Javascript variables. Variables go much further than simply modifying properties!
  • Is it possible to remove all text in a particular area of my PDF documents?
  • How can I make a check for safety margins? So, how do I reliably check there are no objects in the area close to the trim box?
  • Can I use pdfToolbox Server to generate non-English preflight reports? (Of course you can, but how exactly?)
  • Creating an imposition setup that changes the positioning or size of slots dynamically. You didn't think that was possible and it wasn't until recently, but let us show you some tricks!

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