19 Sep 2021

Sign2Com is a professional 'Get Together' for players from the advertising, signage, media and communications world to showcase themselves, and Four Pees is one of them! The knowhow that can be gleaned in massive amounts extends far beyond the sometimes confusing spread of information you find on search engines. So, block October 10-12, 2021 in your calendar and come to Sign2Com in Kortrijk Xpo (Belgium)!

You can find us at booth 4196, where we will introduce you to our large format printing solutions:

  • Aleyant Pressero: all-in-one web-to-print and e-commerce solution
  • callas pdfToolbox: automatic PDF preflight and correction application
  • CalderaRIP: high-quality RIP software for wide format printers that focuses on increasing productivity, cost-efficiency and colour output
  • ColorLogic ZePrA: ink reduction without colour loss and fully automatic corrections
  • InSoft Imp: save on planning through automatic sheet optimization (nesting & ganging)
  • treeDiM Picador: fast go-to-market CAD software for packaging designers looking for labor-saving, cost-effective and serviceable designs
  • Enfocus Switch: modular, affordable automation solution that eliminates errors, reduces repetitive tasks and takes productivity to the next level

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