PRINTmatters Vakdag Print & Sign

24 May 2022

On 24 May, PRINTmatters organizes its annual dynamic network event in the NBC in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands with a full exhibition floor, inspiring speakers, and professional sessions.

Under the theme WHAT'S NEXT? we look forward to the developments in the market.

Do you want to visit us?

You can find us at stand E52 from 10:00 am to discuss all your questions about prepress automation, order intake or web to print solutions.

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Seminar: Automating your print production, best practices

Want to find out more about what we do? We welcome you to our seminar in room 8 on "Automating your print production, best practices".

Eighty percent of printing represents twenty percent of turnover. That's because prepress costs hardly vary whether it's a €50 or a €5,000 job. All customer orders have to be checked and most of them have to be corrected or prepared for production: Bleed, add cutting lines or trim, change colors from RGB to CMYK, add grommets if it is a banner and at the end of the day the transport is waiting for the order.

Automating these tasks and monitoring their status in real-time is key to avoiding manual errors, making jobs more profitable, and increasing customer satisfaction. Philip Cremers, Sales Manager Benelux at Four Pees gives an overview of some best practices for how you can automate your print production quickly and cost-effectively.

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