Rendering intents in color management: a closer look

02 Jun 2022

Following up on the previous Four Pees Café’s concerning color, here is a fifth installment about one of the more complicated and ‘magical’ elements in color management: Rendering Intents.

Anyone who has printed a picture knows that what you see on your screen will always differ from the final print. We already know colors can change when converting from one color space to another, but this mostly happens when we’re going from a larger color space to a smaller one. But why does this happen? And how do you explain that to clients?

In this café, our inhouse color specialist Michiel Van den Saffele dives into the black box that is color conversion and explains what the different rendering intents are and how to approach using them.

Date: Thursday June 2nd

Time: 16h00 (CEST)

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