Webinar 'pdfToolbox for Commercial and Digital print'

07 Dec 2023

Join our "pdfToolbox for Digital and Commercial Print" webinar to discover how callas pdfToolbox technology offers unparalleled functionality to seamlessly address production challenges, whether handled manually or fully automated.

Date: December 7th
Timing: 4 pm CET

Some of the features we'll showcase:

  • Quality Control: Ensure top-notch print quality with standard preflight profiles aligned with ISO PDF/X and Ghent Workgroup specifications. Address color, transparency, spot colors, and more, with automatic correction capabilities.
  • Color Management: Tailor color profiles for digital print requirements, convert spot colors, and optimize documents for enhanced print modes, all with pdfToolbox's versatile color engine.
  • Imposition: Streamline digital print workflows with an imposition engine that adapts to varying sheet sizes. Proactively impose PDF files onto larger sheets, reducing errors and enhancing print operator efficiency.
  • Trim, Bleed, Printer Marks: Overcome delivery inconsistencies by rotating, scaling, and adding bleed as needed. pdfToolbox ensures correct production parameters, including trim, bleed, printer marks, and other essential details.
  • Splitting, Merging, Imposition: Effortlessly split or merge PDF files based on your needs. Rearrange pages into larger print sheets with pdfToolbox's built-in imposition engine, supporting various layouts and complexities.

Discover how pdfToolbox seamlessly integrates into your workflow - reserve your spot now!

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