Large Format Printing

The large format printing business has exploded in the last couple of years, with very different applications, from industrial applications (such as ceramic, textile or wallpaper printing) to more traditional applications (such as outdoor advertising, in-store advertising or point of sale units). Every application has it’s own machine, it’s own rip; there is no real unified workflow. Operators are spending a lot of time to prepare each job to come out just right. One might nearly as well start painting those wall advertisements again.
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Web2Print: produce fewer quotations and achieve more turnover

Aleyant Pressero lets you showcase your company in the Cloud. You don’t need to be a web developer to put a modern, professional looking website online in no time at all. With the webshop in Pressero, you can offer your products to the general public. You can also offer customised and closed webshops to your larger customers. You can even make products available that customers can easily customise online. Once the file is ready, Pressero will calculate the price and deal with the payment. This way, you spend less time producing quotations so you can concentrate on commercial activities that make a real difference.

Control colors, whether they are CMYK, red, green, white or blue

One of the biggest challenges, considering the huge range of machine, ink and media is color consistency. Here starts the software of ColorLogic. With ColorLogic CoPrA you can create high-quality color profiles, even multi-channel ones allowing you to manage the special inks such as white, red, green or red your machine might have. ColorLogic ZePrA in it’s turn will handle all color conversions automatically either matching the incoming files tone standard or optimising them for full gamut printing.

Receive correct files, right from the start

Now that we have the color under control, we can start thinking about the workflow. As many large format companies have grown organically quite rapidly, file intake and management tend to be a bit of a mess. Aleyant tFLOW offers an ideal solution to streamline this. You can easily create orders and jobs, allowing you to manage each project in very transparent way. Your customers can upload individual files if they want you to handle the artwork creation or they can upload a PDF.

The embedded callas pdfToolbox technology can make the uploaded files automatically print ready. Add bleed, cut marks or place it in a model like a roll-up banner for the customer to get a preview of what his final product will really look like. All the stakeholders can give comments, post reviewed artwork up until final approval. No more emails back and forth, no more checking comments in PDFs, no more doubting if the file was sent through FTP or WeTransfer ... Everything is handled in one central transparent system that can easily be integrated with any MIS or Web2Print system.

Hands-off production

If you still would be receiving files from other sources, then Laidback Solutions FileTrain will provide you a cost effective solution to route jobs that still come in through email or different CSR’s into the same workflow. Production managers have an overview of all jobs that are in production. They can check them and provide feedback to your customer, and that without having to open them all manually. Laidback Solutions FileTrain can get a job ID from your MIS system and create a corresponding folder structure on your server, ready to receive files from your customer.

Optimize media usage

Before sending it all off to the RIP, you might want to optimise your media usage. Combine different jobs and automatically nest them. Insoft Imp will do exactly that for you, regardless if jobs are single or double sided.

Allow for online editing

The more IT savvy printers looking at a offering a template-based Web2Print system should consider callas pdfChip. pdfChip converts HTML files in press-ready PDF files. It supports all HTML features, but extends to support CMYK, spot color, XMP metadata, PDF standards, SVG, MathML, barcodes and more.

High-quality, affordable media

Finally Four Pees offers some specific large format production media from CMA to be compatible with solvent and thermal wide format printers and with dye, pigment, eco-solvent and latex inks.

Need assistance?

You see that every individual technology has its hand in making your business less manual and more profitable. If you need any help identifying which one fits your needs best, we’ll be happy to help. Simply contact us for an online session to analyze your needs and get a demo.

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