The appearance of its packaging has become increasingly important in the success of a product. Hence packaging design is more important than ever. At the same time deadlines are getting shorter as the desired time to market continues to decrease. So in order to maintain the time to create an outstanding packaging design one needs the tools to stimulate the ideation process, speed up the decision process and reduce the production time.

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Web2Print: Make fewer quotes for more sales

Aleyant Pressero puts your business the Cloud. Without being a web developer, you will soon create a modern, professional looking website. With the webshop built in Pressero, you offer your products to the general public. You can also create a personalized and dedicated webshop for your biggest customers. You can even provide products that customers can easily customize online. Once the file is ready, Pressero calculates the price and handles the payment. This reduces the time for making quotations and lets you focus on commercial activities that make a real difference.

Rapid 3D packaging visualization

Creative Edge iC3D is a rapid packaging visualization tool that allows you to visualize the impact of all your design decisions early in the process. Whether you want to use embossing, a specific foil, you can immediately see what it will look like. See what the primary product looks like in the secondary packaging or on a point-of-sale unit, then place it in a supermarket environment, so you can make the right decisions from the start. You can also use iC3D to create synthetic box-shots for marketing and sales presentations. You will be able to present and sell the product before the first unit has been produced. Through a link with an augmented reality platform you’ll be able to view the product on your phone or tablet in the environment, shop or supermarket, where you currently are.

Where iC3D focuses on the visualization, treeDiM Picador is specialized in the structural design of cardboard packaging and POS products. In addition to its 2D and 3D solution, Picador can also control the cutting tables. You can also use Picador to deal with logistic optimization, palletizing, packing and truck loading. As such, Picador and iC3D are a perfect match!

Manage layers and multiple outputs

axaio MadeForLayers streamlines and simplifies working with complex documents. It saves design time and reduces human errors while working with layer-heavy documents. Different layers can be combined into layer views, showing different language or regional variants of a document with a single mouse-click. In packaging environments you can clearly differ between multiple technical versions with one hand grab. When combined with axaio MadeToPrint – the intelligent output automation solution – the different layer views can automatically be printed or exported to PDF, instantly creating output for all different language or regional versions without any chance of mistakes.

Collaborate, online

With Aleyant tFLOW you can get all the stakeholders around the virtual table. Upload the design to tFLOW and the necessary people will automatically get a request to review that artwork. They can add comments, indicate corrections all on the same document from anywhere in the world. Once approved, the files can be released directly into production.

Automate file reception, routing and processing

Laidback Solutions FileTrain enables the automation of file handling and routing. No more maul checking of servers and email accounts. FileTrain will check and collect the files and send them through the right processing steps. Do you need to check incoming or outgoing PDF Files? pdfToolbox will do that for you.

Get accurate brand colors

ColorLogic ZePrA manages and corrects color even for complex environments like packaging. The ability to handle multicolor files in ColorLogic CoPrA created DeviceLink profiles, applied to any color space conversion, and to convert spot color on-the-fly, makes ZePrA a must-have for any production environment.

Streamline your proof-reading from text to print

Global Vision provides a series of automatic proofreading solutions. Global Vision DocuProof will make sure that the text that is approved by marketing and legal department, is correctly and completely taken over in the artwork. Global Vision ArtProof will compare different iterations of the artwork and finally Global Vision ScanProof will check the print sheet against the approved artwork making sure no costly mistakes are introduced at any time of the production process. Are you rather looking for cloud-based proofreading, then you’ll find in Global Vision Proofware the solution you’re looking for.

Nesting, fully automated

For your die-cut jobs Insoft Imp is our state-of-the-art layouting application which can do cost-based planning and also generate output for printing & die-cutting. A single application which can be the backbone for your estimation, planning & pre-press needs.

Last but not least, CMA proofing papers will most likely offer you a more economic alternative, matching the quality you’re used to.

Need assistance?

You see that every individual technology has its hand in making your business less manual and more profitable. If you need any help identifying which one fits your needs best, we’ll be happy to help. Simply contact us for an online session to analyze your needs and get a demo.

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