axaio MadeToCompare detects and visualizes all differences between document versions. Making it easier and quicker for copywriters or proofreaders to find, edit and correct text passages and individual words. MadeToCompare offers a high level of accuracy, peace-of-mind and considerable savings of time and cost.

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Quickly check text modifications and track document versions

Need to track and visualize revisions, changes and corrections? For many texts this is a necessity in view of content quality, document layout, collaboration with internal and external players and possible legal liabilities. axaio MadeToCompare is the ideal text modification checker and document version tracker for users of Adobe InCopy.

Check for content correctness

MadeToCompare helps track versions and verify text content correctness. Simplify document production for multiple media applications in multiple language versions, improves efficient editorial collaboration, reduces human errors, and facilitates adherence to customer’s corporate brand requirements.

Quickly create business reports

With MadeToCompare for InCopy, differences are easily detected between last year's numbers and company information compared to those of the current year. Thanks to a clear listing, all important company data can be checked with regard to accuracy and necessary information will not get lost.

Reduce human errors

The production chain from creation of words and images down to the final printed document needs to be as efficient as possible. MadeToCompare simplifies document production for multiple media applications in multiple language versions and reduces human errors.

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