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CalderaRIP is the only software for Mac and Linux that automates pre-press tools and is compatible with over 1000 printers and cutters. The software improves your production through a single RIP that controls all your printers and guarantees a coherent result for every print with savings in time, ink and material.
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Product information

GrandRIP+ offers the ultimate workflow solution for grand format and super wide format printing. This version of Caldera’s RIP software is perfect when you’re looking for speed, reliability and flexibility in a busy environment.

When your business grows, GrandRIP+ will grow with you. This fully scalable solution is available with a range of optional features: from ink-saving to cost management tools. With GrandRIP+, it’s a piece of cake to manage your workflow from prepress to Print&Cut tasks, organize your cutting and finishing and ensure reliable colour reproduction.

GrandRIP+ includes an easy and powerful colour management solution: EasyMedia. This step-by-step wizard will help you reproduce colours consistently across all your print configurations and on any type of media. It also guarantees high performance as the Open Computing Language (OpenCL) technology allows the simultaneous use of multi-core CPUs and GPUs. Take full advantage from all your resources and produce more, while reducing your hardware needs! Furthermore, the software you a complete automation toolbox: from automatic recognition of shapes when nesting to preset configurations for quicker submission of jobs to the printer. Thanks to that, you will gain time and productivity!

Its user-friendly interface also supports multiple devices, including cutting and finishing devices, giving you confidence that you can expand your production machinery without compromising quality or turnaround.

GrandRIP+ allows your business to be adaptable with the ability to add extra modules, like cost management and cutting solutions:

Pro Enterprise
Driver 1 Grand 1 Grand
CutServer X X
GrandCutServer X
Cost estimation X


If you are interested in GrandRIP+, let us know and we'll make you a quote.


Have you already heard of CalderaCare? If your CalderaRIP software fails unexpectedly, you can be sure that your CalderaRIP will continue to function at every critical moment of the production process, thanks to CalderaCare.


  • Fully scalable solution
    When your business grows, GrandRIP+ will grow with you. It’s a software backbone that is ready for whatever is thrown at you!
  • Fast file processing & excellent colour handling guaranteed
    Adobe’s fast and powerful print engine, APPE 5.0, gives you advanced colour management and the ability to handle metals, carpets, furs and other non-standard substrates.
  • Obtain absolute accuracy in colour control
    EasyMedia is your step-by-step colour calibration wizard and ICC profile creator for print shops of all sizes. The functionality makes sure you get the exact colour right from the start! In that way, expensive wastage in inks and media can be eliminated, and time and money are saved.
  • Substantial media savings by optimized nesting
    The functionality ContourNesting detects the exterior cut contour for optimized nesting. It leads to significant media savings by printing following the fiber direction, a feature which is expected to be particularly useful to users in the fabric, textile, traffic signs and packaging sectors.
  • Determine your cuttings precisely
    In GrandRIP+, GrandCut is included as a precise cutting power tool. It assists large format flatbed cutters without direct driving them.

Key features

  • Perfect for medium to high production
  • Support for multiple devices
  • Includes APPE 5.0, the latest Adobe PDF Engine
  • Ensures reliable colour production with EasyMedia
  • Optimize nesting of complex shapes in ContourNesting
  • Manage the registration marks in GrandCut to minimize wastage (for flatbed cutters)

Release notes

12.1 20 June 2019

New features

Rotation Boost

A new algorithm has been implemented for better rotation performances. Depending on your hardware (HDD or SSD disk), the expected gain is:

  • 5% faster on Hard Disk Drive
  • 10% faster on Solid State Drive

In comparison with competitors, the new rotation algorithm is 30% faster.

Caldera Snapshots

CalderaSnapshots is part of CalderaDock. More flexibility with CalderaSnapshots, that gives the ability to an operator to go back to a previous version rapidly and without the need for a third party intervention in case of trouble, or for testing new versions or new features without breaking everything.


A new option is available to remove the marks between jobs. You no longer have to print horizontal marks and save media when you only want to cut vertically.

EFI screening

Caldera has developed a CMYKcmyk separation algorithm optimized for EFI printers in case of multi- CPU RIP configurations and include it in its Hardware Acceleration option. The gain is about x2 or x3 depending on the RIP configurations.

New CalderaCare features

CalderaCare is the support and maintenance solution for your Caldera RIP software, that will keep your production up and running when you need it most. A subscription to CalderaCare also ensures all your software products will be kept up-to-date with the latest versions and enhancements.


CalderaJobs is a part of CalderaDock. CalderaJobs is a new feature to help printshops reprint exactly the same jobs after months while keeping the spooler and hard drive clean and performant by archiving and restoring jobs.

CxF/4 Spot Color Libraries

You can import spectral libraries for more accuracy in matching brand colors. Also, multiple illuminants and observers can be selected. Therefore, you can select the illumination source used for the spectral measurements (when several are available in the file), eg "M0," M1, "M2" or "M3" and also make a selection of the visualization source (target source), typically in Graphic Arts one will select in general D50/2 whereas in textile rather D65/10.

InkPerformer v3

Save more money with the highest color accuracy. InkPerformer new engine is based on minimizing total area coverage & ink usage (Alwan MTIU) . As a result, compared to InkPerformer V2, when "maximum" or 'High" saving level is selected, you can save up to 6% more absolute gain i.e. 25 % relative gain and get more vibrant colors.

Bug fixes

  • EasyMedia: Sometimes scanning the target failed and profile was not correctly built (#9320).
  • EasyMedia: The FD7 spectro did not work in L*a*b mode.
  • Print: Fix a crash when printing with the Designjet Z5200 driver (#9473).
  • Cut: Zund/Esko printer driver crash when trying to access Tools (#9506).
  • Cut: KalaXY minimal value between the media edge and the image is now 10 mm.
  • Cut: fields to change size and thickness of the marks for GranCut OptiScout, SummaFlex and Summa GoProduce are now disabled. These dimensions are now fixed (#9186).
  • Cut: Network interruption for Graphtec FC8600 is fixed (#9449.
  • Cut: IScript Top and Bottom barcodes inversion fixed (#9227).

Version 12 1 April 2019

Are you ready for a new user experience?

We’ve changed the parameters to transform your RIP toolbox into a new intelligent platform for production. By connecting the dots in the print shops, V12 will deliver faster processing, better colors and a more convenient overall user experience.

What’s different about Version 12?

For this latest version of our award-winning RIP software, we’ve changed the emphasis from individual features to creating a powerful, coherent and easier-to-use printing platform. There are new tools to give users quicker access to what they need and new technologies have been introduced to accelerate throughput, reduce costs and boost profitability.

We’ve extended the range of applications included in this new version to embrace textile printing and vehicle wraps, while the new Digital Licenses system opens the door to running the software on Windows Virtualization – so more users will be able to achieve a wider range of applications.

APPE 5.0

Caldera V12 is the first RIP software to include Adobe PDF Print Engine 5. This is the foundation for the next generation of PDF print workflows – it accurately renders PDF designs, producing reliable reproduction on press with full fidelity to the creator’s intent. APPE 5 raises the bar on both workflow flexibility and reproduction reliability, driving high-performance, PDF-native rendering for the full range of job types, from simple to more sophisticated. It also integrates end-to-end print workflows built with Adobe applications such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.

Windows Virtualization and Software Licenses

The new Digital Licensing System gives access to new products and faster features more easily. You’ll be able to migrate your licenses onto other sites and computer stations – and with the Caldera license server now running on Windows, there’s no need now to have a Linux or Mac box on full Windows environments. This means that users can utilize Linux Virtual Machines to transparently run the RIP, while using your Windows host or another Windows computer to run the license server, either via a dongle or a software license.

Huge Raster Image Pipeline

This new pipeline has been designed for huge input/output throughputs. You’ll achieve a 10 percent increase in global acceleration on output, four times the speed on multi-layers PSD and seven times faster processing of huge raster input files.

High Dynamic Linearization

Caldera High Dynamic Linearization increases linearization accuracy by 10 percent in difficult conditions.



Webinar - Become acquainted with Caldera v13

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Caldera Workspace

If you're starting with Caldera, the Workspace has everything you need to set you on your way! Over there, you can find installers, updates and assistance with any problems you may have. If you're already familiar with CalderaRIP, the workspace can be a valuable source of quality ICC profiles and up-to-date drivers for your printers.


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