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License Server introduces a dynamic way of licensing callas products where local activation is no longer necessary! It grants permission for processing jobs based on process cartridges or credit cartridges. This type of licensing caters for capacity-based processing environments, environments with peak moments and pay per use environments.

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Product information

License Server introduces a dynamic way of licensing callas products. Unlike the traditional licensing model, local activation is no longer necessary as they can now ask License Server permission to process jobs. This makes true failover for business-critical processes possible! License Server grants permission based on the cartridges loaded into it. There are two types of cartridges:

  • Process cartridges are loaded with one or more parallel processes. Each process allows a callas product to process one file.
  • Credit cartridges are loaded with a number of credits. Each credit corresponds to one second of processing time. When a callas product requests permission to process a file, License Server will keep track of how long it took to process that file and will then subtract the equivalent number of credits from its credit cartridge.

License Server can be used in capacity-based processing environments, as the only machine that always needs to be running is the machine hosting the License Server – everything else can be fully dynamic. License Server also caters for environments with peak moments. Sometimes there are huge processing peaks on certain times of day, certain days or in specific times of the year. With License Server, you can combine process cartridges for base load and credit cartridges for peak moments. Furthermore, using License Server with credit cartridges is ideally suited for pay per use environments. There is an initial cost for the License Server and after that each processed file uses up some credits from the installed credit cartridge.


  • Avoid local activation
    Because License Server itself has to be activated on a machine, any other callas product doesn’t have to be activated. They simply ask License Server permission to run.
  • Tackle peak production
    A combination of process cartridges and credit cartridges on the License Server handles base processing needs (using the process cartridges) and peak processing needs (using the credit cartridges) very easily. This solution is both very flexible and cost effective!
  • Implement real fail-over
    Using the traditional callas licensing model, callas products always have to be locally activated, and that is not a fully automated process. This makes it difficult to provide true failover for business-critical processes. Using License Server, real failover is possible! The License Server itself is not a bottleneck for true failover as it can work in a cluster of three License Servers that provide backup for each other.
  • Floating desktop licenses
    Because License Server also works with pdfToolbox Desktop and pdfaPilot Desktop, it can be used to implement floating licenses. Desktop products ask for permission to run on startup, which removes the need to activate the product on each machine it’s running on. This provides a flexible environment for schools, universities, organizations with large teams using desktop products …

Key features

  • Runs on all standard operating systems
  • Runs as a standalone (one single License Server) or as a cluster of three License Servers that provide failover for each other
  • Supports process cartridges that dynamically allow other callas products to process files on any computer. Each process in a process cartridge allows processing one file at a time.
  • Supports credit cartridges that allow other callas products to process as many files in parallel as necessary by simply deducting processing time from the number of credits in the cartridge
  • Runs on real hardware as well as virtual machines
  • Works with all pdfToolbox and pdfaPilot flavors, including the desktop versions to provide floating licenses

Release notes

1.0.007 28 June 2019


  • License Server-based licensing allows pdfToolbox to run without being activated locally
  • Process Cartridges and Credit Cartridges available
  • Failover functionality (by using multiple License Server)
  • Support for cloud-based environments
  • Various possibilities for logging and monitoring



System requirements

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