Durst Smart Shop

The Durst Smart Shop is an innovative online shop system for the complete processing of print orders and the sale of products and services. From the online sale of products to the print-ready product. The Durst Smart Shop can either be used as an open shop for B2C commerce or a closed B2B shop, offering each customer their portal. If you want the best of both worlds, a hybrid approach is possible.

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Create realistic 3D mockups for your clients

The Durst Smart Shop offers realistic 3D and mockup previews to clients while using print-specific attributes in the product configuration and all other essential functions of a webshop. These functions don't only mean the processing of orders, invoicing, and payment details, but also seamless integration with the Durst Print Workflow, MIS, or ERP system with connections to preferred shipping and payment service providers.

Create the webshop you need for your target audience

Depending on your target audience (B2B, B2C, open shop, closed shop, and others.), you can adapt the Durst Smart Shop to your needs. The Durst Smart Shop offers various options that make it easier for your customers to find and configure their products:

  • The multishop concept for different markets and target markets
  • Other themes for your shop depending on the customer group
  • Top seller areas
  • Intelligent search and action areas

Flawless product configuration

With the Durst Smart Shop, customers can use the product configurator to create their products using a variety of variables, such as size, materials, and even select various accessories. You can further specify all these attributes to specific products so that only products with those options can be printed.

This way, you can ensure that there are no incorrect combinations possible, and an error-free delivery is certain. Customers then need to upload their designs and order them.

Optimal product delivery thanks to rule-based file upload

The Durst Smart Shop offers customers the option to upload and order their finished designs with a dedicated upload server. The rule-based upload ensures error-free and clean guidance for the customer, avoiding any mistakes with designs made in external tools and ensuring that production can occur smoothly and without errors. You specify the rules and how the upload should take place. After that, you're golden!

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