Claro is an automatic image enhancement server, which automates the task of enhancing images manually (interactively) in Photoshop.

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Achieve consistent image quality

Four images and all with a different quality? Enter Elpical Claro! With Claro, you achieve consistent high-quality results, even when the origin and quality of the original images may vary significantly. That way, you can easily standardize your image enhancement workflow.

Save valuable time

When you need to process high volumes of images, automation is a necessity to save time and improve efficiency. Claro identifies and fixes camera flaws automatically, it does what you do manually, but faster (and honestly, often better).

Stay in control of the process

Don’t want to give away all control? You can either hand over control to intelligent image analysis or stay in control with the Elpical Claro Inspector for Photoshop, which allows you to route critical images to Photoshop for manual tweaking. Furthermore, you can also integrate the software in your page layout workflow, where you can enhance the images from within e.g. InDesign.

Publish in a cross-media landscape

You often need to produce images for multiple media. These tend to have different image processing requirements. With Claro, you can easily and automatically create all of the required versions in one go.

High reliability

Your work will never have to be delayed, because of automatic load-balancing and failover features in a centralized production environment.

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