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Proofware is the world's first all-in-one cloud-based packaging inspection suite, giving enterprise-wide instant access to everyone involved in the security of their brand copy and artwork. Proofware offers a variety of cloud-based packaging Quality Control applications to seamlessly proofread PDF files throughout the workflow process, catching any undetected errors before it’s too late.

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Product information

Quality Control Platform, an all-in-one solution

As the longest automated proofreading technology on the market, Global Vision now offers the Quality Control Platform as the first all-in-one solution for text, graphics, print, barcode and braille inspection in the cloud.

How does it work?

The GlobalVision Quality Control Platform is a modular solution with Proofware functionality as one of the modules. In that way, you have quality control across your entire workflow, without the need the change applications. Interesting, right?


Proofware is the world's first all-in-one cloud-based packaging inspection suite, giving enterprise-wide instant access to everyone involved in the security of their brand copy and artwork. Proofware offers a variety of cloud-based packaging Quality Control applications to seamlessly proofread PDF files throughout the workflow process, catching any undetected errors before it’s too late.


Technical Benefits

  • Provides enterprise-wide access to packaging Quality Control tools
  • Share inspection projects with anyone within the Enterprise and external suppliers/customers
  • Organize all inspections using the built-in Project Management and Collaboration feature
  • Collaborate on inspection reports with multiple users (e.g. for approvals) and view all comments
  • Remote Quality Control for collaboration with suppliers

IT Benefits

  • Flexible Deployment Options: On-Premise, Private Hosting
  • Existing customers currently using Global Vision applications separately, now have an all-in-one solution
  • 100% web-based, no software required – low IT cost (no Citrix)

Business Benefits

  • Reduce approval cycles – no e-mail attachments, share inspection projects directly
  • Avoid costly errors for every aspect inpackaging Quality Control (text, spelling, graphics, Braille, barcodes)

Annotate inspection reports

Report management tools

Key features

Advanced packaging inspection tools

  • Inspect text to PDF
  • Compare word to PDF
  • Proofread artwork, proofs
  • Verify barcodes
  • Translate Braille
  • Cloud technology - no software installation required
  • Share inspection reports with suppliers
  • Integrates seamlessly with Artwork Management Systems (AMS)

Release notes

2.0.1 14 June 2016

DocuProof Text Inspection

  • The inclusion of font differences in QRD inspection.
    • Native Word Handling to eliminate the dependency on MS Office.
    • Ability to load word files using Windows Services.
    • Ability to load read-only files.
    • Improved R-T-L results due to updated equivalencies.
    • Text on page borders is no longer ignored.

ArtProof Graphics Inspection:

  • Improved response time when reviewing differences.


  • Date format displays as DD-MMM-YYYY for all annotations in the properties dialog form and the user review form (user double clicks in the annotated area).
    •  Review date displays correctly as last modified date.

2.0 17 February 2016

New and improved interface and functionality (all apps)

  • Redesigned interface including new icons.
  • Notes files are displayed separately and grouped under “My Files”.
  • Report files are grouped together by the Sample name under “My Projects”.
  • Upload to Notes, Delete and Download icons are displayed for each group of reports.
  • Proofware Home link is visible on the top of all pages for ease of access. 
  • The Options Panel for all apps slides out only when clicked.
  • Ability to download the annotated Sample Report only.
  • New email format for the Inspection Report emails sent to the user. 
  • Ability to remove/hide layers that interfere with the inspection.
  • Improved cropping:
    • Ability to crop multiple pages.
    • Ability to crop pages of all sizes.
    • Ability to resize the crop area.
    • Ability to automatically crop to the trim box. 
  • Faster loading time.
  • User Password Expiry Date is visible to the Administrator on the interface.
  • All report date formats are listed as dd-mm-yyyy.
  • Redesigned FAQs for easy access to information.
  • Support for AI files.
  • Support for concurrent licensing.
  • Support for Server 2012.

New features – DocuProof

  • Ability to review changes and call-outs using the Annotation Checklist.
  • Ability to automatically inspect QRD templates. 
  • Ability to detect soft hyphen differences.
  • Ability to detect line break differences.
  • Ability to detect revision text below the specified threshold (minimum font size logic).
  • Ability to compare embedded images.
  • Ability to decode barcodes.
  • Ability to verify Braille.
  • Ability to create zones in the Master and Sample files to map the areas for comparison. 
  • Ability to create table zones to map tables for comparison.  
  • Ability to inspect rotated tables.
  • Ability to re-sync false positives.
  • Ability to correct the display of corrupt characters in the difference grid.
  • Ability to navigate differences using the up/down arrows on the keyboard.
  • New color coded Difference List and addition of tooltips to facilitate review.
  • Function keys (F1 to F4) available to input default levels while proofing.
  • Space bar available to move through the default comments while proofing.
  • Ability to view the inspectable text and numbers highlighted in red while viewing the Inspection Report in the report panel.
  • Ability to select text and get the word count.
  • Ability to select text and view the Unicode values.

New features – SpellProof

  • Improved the language dictionaries.
  • Added new dictionaries: Greek and Serbian (Cyrillic).

New features – ArtProof

  • Ability to select dielines from the layers and/or separations.
  • Ability to view color separations using the "Edit Content" icon. 
  • Ability to inspect repeats.
  • Ability to decode barcodes.
  • Ability to verify Braille.
  • Ability to maximize the flash window.
  • Added a mask for the image in the flash window.
  • Ability to inspect all pages of multi-page documents.
  • Ability to crop all, odd, even pages automatically.
  • Ability to review changes and call-outs using the Annotation Checklist.

New features – BarProof

  • Improved grading logic.
  • Improved detection logic.
  • Barcodes are color coded based on verification grade colors.
  • New Inspection Report format.

New features – BrailleProof

  • New Inspection Report format.

New features – Notes

  • Ability to send files to other users for approval.

Bug fixes

  • Ability to load PDF files that contain internal content security settings (e.g. page extraction).
  • Partial selection (i.e. underlines, cross outs, crops, etc.) is retained when files are reloaded after an inspection. 
  • "Include Master File" option in the Report options is consistent throughout the apps.
  • Micro character (µ) is visible in PDF files (all apps).
  • Braille layer removed properly (all apps).
  • Graphical elements within a layer are no longer displayed when the layer is hidden.
  • Valid message (not exception error) displays when attempt to download a failed report. 
  • Valid message (not exception error) displays when the current internet browser is not supported.
  • Valid message (not exception error) displays when updating/creating user without selecting any app.
  • Valid message (not exception error) displays when system is in maintenance mode.
  • Status is not changed when “forgot your password” is activated.  
  • User only has to reset their password once when their password expires (i.e. does not depend on when the password expired).
  • Account Status becomes inactive for an Expired user account.
  • Three audit trail events with status = "Invalid username and/or password" are logged after three invalid attempts. 
  • Audit trail event is not duplicated when users clicks <Share> on report page.
  • Error not generated for small files less than 5 MB (these files do not require compression to optimize the speed).
  • "Proofware" is displayed in the Application column for all Auto Timeout events (not the "app name").

1.2 7 March 2014

Interface enhancements

  • I-frame functionality.
  • Options panel auto hides to provide more real estate for the inspection.
  • Default zoom level is fit to width instead of fit to page on the report panel.
    • Application: DocuProof, SpellProof
  • Master/Report toolbars are aligned to allow for better synchronization.
    • Application: DocuProof

New features

  • Support for https (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol with SSL Encryption).
  • Support for authentication of users against Active Directory.
  • Federation Services (configuration required).
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
    • Account maintenance.
    • Audit trail functionality.
    • Validation Documentation.
  • Easy to use cross-out and underline functionality.
    • Application: DocuProof, SpellProof
  • Compare embedded images.
    • Application: DocuProof
  • Ability to load multiple master files to compare them to the Sample file.
    • Application: DocuProof
  • View all inspectable text for ease of inspection.
    • Application: DocuProof, SpellProof
  • Load a zipped file containing an XML file and its related images.
    • Application: DocuProof, SpellProof
  • Link Master file to the Sample file.
    • To perform pan/zoom/rotate simultaneously on both documents.
    • Application: DocuProof
  • Cross-out identical text throughout the Master and/or Sample file.
    • Application: DocuProof, SpellProof
  • Ignore headers and footers in Word documents.
    • Application: DocuProof
  • Text is underlined in green for partial inspections.
    • Application: DocuProof, SpellProof
  • Improved inspection speed for
    • Multiple page files.
    • Cross-out and underlines.
    • Files with multiple annotations and/or differences.
    • Application: DocuProof, SpellProof
  • Display Unicode values in the Difference Grid.
    • Application: ArtProof, DocuProof
  • Ability to select required Setups (i.e. Digital, Proof).
    • Application: ArtProof
  • Easily select Overprint and Rotation options.
    • Application: ArtProof
  • Flash mode performance improvement.
    • Application: ArtProof

Improved Reporting Capabilities

  • Ability to select combine multiple reports into one Inspection Report.
  • Enhanced ability to enter levels/comments for each difference.
  • Easily navigate through the differences on the Inspection Report.
  • Addition of levels and comments in the downloaded Inspection Report.
  • Ability to filter on difference levels in the Inspection Report.
    • Application: ArtProof, DocuProof, SpellProof
  • Inclusion of the Master document in the Inspection Report.
    • Application: ArtProof, DocuProof
  • Differences highlighted in the Inspection Report.
    • Application: DocuProof, SpellProof
  • Ability to view and navigate through the Master (source) annotations.
    • Application: DocuProof, ArtProof



How to upload large files to support?


When sending problems to support or asking questions about a specific functionality, it is always helpful if you supply as much information as possible:

  • Profiles or Process Plans when working with pdfToolbox or pdfaPilot
  • Example documents 'before' and 'after' to explain the problem or question
  • Screenshots explaining the specific problem

When such files are over 2MB it is more reliable and quicker to send them to us through our Dropbox. This article describes how to do so.


  1. First of all, please give your documents a unique name. If you already have a case ID (a 5-digit number), please include this case ID in the name of the file(s) you are going to send to us.
  2. Click this link to browse to our Dropbox upload page
  3. Click 'Choose files from your computer' and navigate to the files
  4. If you are not logged into Dropbox, fill out your First and Last name and email address
  5. Click 'Upload'

You will receive an email confirming your files were uploaded succesfully.

Do you have a complete price list in Euro / USD?

Yes, the latest price list is available via distributor Four Pees. To access the Reseller Guide, go to Once you have registered as reseller, and your account has been approved, you will be granted access to the reseller guide containing full pricing information for all products in Euro and USD. With any questions regarding exact pricing for specific customers, bundles etc... please contact

System requirements


  • On-premise server or private cloud
  • Browser compatible with Mac and PC
  • Secure HTTPS connection
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