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Remote Director is the leader in monitor proofing solutions – by combining all of the tools you need to create, view, markup and approve graphic assets on-line in a new browser-based application. You can move to a 100% digital workflow and simplify client interaction while increasing color accuracy with the new Remote Director.

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Product information

Remote Director is the leader in monitor proofing solutions and combines all of the tools you need to create, view, markup and approve graphic assets on-line in a new browser-based application. You can move to a 100% digital workflow and simplify client interaction while increasing color accuracy with the new Remote Director.


If you are interested in Remote Director, let us know and we'll make you a quote.


  • Simple browser-based interface with language support for English, Dutch, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Complete markup and annotation toolset with threaded comments and sophisticated controls for user roles and permissions
  • Simple “one-click” monitor calibration with built-in reminders and user selectable countdown timer from 1-9 days
  • Instant zoom, pan and navigation on any size image
  • ICC color management for precise simulation of any printing condition, supports SWOP, GRACoL, Fogra standards and any in-house reference printing condition
  • On-screen densitometer for CMYK, L*a*b* and total ink coverage
  • Support for Pantone® spot color libraries
  • Precise simulation of any paper stock or other substrate for accurate prediction of printed results
  • Toggle color channel visibility and display and combination of printed colors for on-screen progressive proofs
  • Monitor gamut check & total ink coverage warnings provide assurance that prepress files are prepared to correct specifications

Key features

Print locally, work globally

With Remote Director you can connect with customers or suppliers anywhere in the world. Eliminate time and geography barriers, and never wait for the overnight service again!

Color control & accuracy

Remote Director’s patented L* monitor profiling provides simple “one-click” calibration and on-line verification that all users are viewing color precisely.

Unique web-based tools

The new Remote Director was built for ease of use. Role-based user permissions provide sophisticated tools for power users, while clients and non-technical users are presented with a streamlined and familiar browser-based interface.

The only cross-platform solution

Remote Director is the only color-accurate monitor proofing solution available on Mac and Windows, using standard off-the-shelf hardware. Choose your own combination of supported monitors and hardware and design the system that meets your budget targets and your quality requirements.

Integration & automation

Remote Director can integrate with any existing workflow using the APIs in our Software Development Kits. Fully-automated proofing workflows are easy to implement with Remote Director Proof Server’s configured hot folder interface.

Release notes


New features

  • Project Statuses as well as individual User Statuses are now visible from the Projects List page.
  • Project Status Alerts now highlight projects that are approaching or past task Due Dates.
  • Interactive Dashboard Charts give instant visual feedback of Project Statuses and Alerts.
  • User Roles can now be created and customized.
  • Users can now be grouped together as Workgroups.
  • Project Filters can now be shared amoung Users.
  • The File Info and User Info dialogs have been redesigned to give more flexibility and control over Project Files and Invitees.
  • Server Administrators can now directly manage all Projects on the Proof Server.
  • Hot folders can be saved as templets, cloned and reused with changes.
  • Updated the Eizo Monitor support to include the new CG and CX Series monitors.
  • Various GUI improvements, such as Project List Refreshing and Monitor PPI control.

Bug fixes

  • DE1414 - Compare Mode no longer misinterprets the image ID and which profile to load.
  • DE1425 - Ensured that flex focus does not get lost when a project is opened.
  • DE1441 - Scale to Fit now pays attention to file width as well as height.
  • DE1442 - Reports printed from the Reports page can now include images.
  • DE1452 - The Reports Page filter is now being respected by the Print code.
  • DE1454 - RGB and CMYK+Spot channel tiff files containing transparancy layers are now supported.
  • DE1465 - When creating a Project, the Project Creator's Company is now loaded by default in the Company selection.
  • DE1468 - Calibration status now reports the actual reasons for a monitor calibration status failure.
  • DE1472 - Now writing the Calibration Interval parameter into the Server Preferences.
  • DE1476 - Status entries and Note entries are now distinguishable by the Print code.

The URL for the server is:

Your email address is your login name and the server will send you a new password if you forgot yours. For those who have not logged in recently the proof you were invited to may have been deleted. If that is the case simply send an email to  and request to be invited to a new demo proof. We will create one and you will receive a link to it in your email.

The "Support Options" section of the home page contains three new user guides that explain the new functionality in version 5.0.



Video tutorial - Creating Annotations

Creating annotations in Remote Director.

Video tutorial - Comparing Images

Comparing  images in Remote Director.

Video tutorial - Creating a Proof

Create a project and invite a viewer to review it.

Video tutorial - Reviewing Proofs

Reviewing proofs in Remote Director.

Video tutorial - Proof Invitation

This video will walk you through registration and launching a proof via email communications.

Video tutorial - Invite Viewers and Workgroups

How to invite viewers and workgroups to a project and set their due dates.

Video tutorial - User Administration

How to add users to the server and set their role and permissions.

Video tutorial - Managing Projects

Managing projects in Remote Director.

Video tutorial - Setting Preferences

Setting preferences in Remote Director.

How to upload large files to support?


When sending problems to support or asking questions about a specific functionality, it is always helpful if you supply as much information as possible:

  • Profiles or Process Plans when working with pdfToolbox or pdfaPilot
  • Example documents 'before' and 'after' to explain the problem or question
  • Screenshots explaining the specific problem

When such files are over 2MB it is more reliable and quicker to send them to us through our Dropbox. This article describes how to do so.


  1. First of all, please give your documents a unique name. If you already have a case ID (a 5-digit number), please include this case ID in the name of the file(s) you are going to send to us.
  2. Click this link to browse to our Dropbox upload page
  3. Click 'Choose files from your computer' and navigate to the files
  4. If you are not logged into Dropbox, fill out your First and Last name and email address
  5. Click 'Upload'

You will receive an email confirming your files were uploaded succesfully.

Do you have a complete price list in Euro / USD?

Yes, the latest price list is available via distributor Four Pees. To access the Reseller Guide, go to Once you have registered as reseller, and your account has been approved, you will be granted access to the reseller guide containing full pricing information for all products in Euro and USD. With any questions regarding exact pricing for specific customers, bundles etc... please contact

System requirements

  • PC: Intel Pentium 4 or better processor with Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Macintosh: Intel processor with OS X 10.5.x or higher
  • 2GB RAM (minimum)
  • 32-bit graphics card with 256MB VRAM
  • LCD proofing monitor(s) must be at least 1280 x 1024 display resolution and be of identical resolution when used 2 or 4 up
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