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Picador is the fast go-to-market CAD software for packaging designers looking for labor-saving, cost-effective and serviceable designs. It creates efficient 2D designs, based on an elaborate, extensible database library, immediately rendered into a 3D revision. The swift operation and accessible visualization perfectly suit prototyping and small series production cutting creations.

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Product information

Picador is the latest CAD software solution in the treeDiM solutions portfolio. The company is renowned for its eco design mindset, ambitioning to provide markets, industries and users with the most efficient solutions to their needs.

The Picador solution relies on an extensive yet extensible database library, enabling users to tap into industry-approved and readily-available designs or complement their library with in-house created designs. This flexibility of integration empowers the system to create smarter design by every job. The system will remember customer preferences and match these with industry-standard specifications. No design-execution discrepancies thanks to this evolved software.

In an increasingly competitive market, prototyping and small series productions are high in demand to immediately assess brand compatibility between the product and the packaging. The smart design backbone of the software allows for an efficient 2D design to get immediately rendered in 3D view, so the brand can assess both the structural and subjective features of the created design. Upon customer approval, a print-ready file can be produced instantaneously for a prototype or small batch series.

The eco-design nature of the software secures the most optimal execution and storage of the design, thus eliminating unnecessary and unheralded costs following printing.

At all times, Picador will secure a design that matches the brands’ requirements, the producer’s limitations and the user’s imagination. Picador is used by market players worldwide in the packaging and large format/display market to deliver industry-compliant, cost-effective designs for the non-compromising marketing output that delivers.


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  • The 2D design to make the 3D fit
    Pragmatic and goal-efficient design solution that helps you create the perfect 2D design for the 3D model.
  • The best possible database. Always.
    The packaging standard compliant Picador library can be automated and synced to your network at all times. Users will always work with the best and most correct models.
  • Shelf-like 3D rendering
    Animated and AR reality view of 3D models - almost as looking at the product directly on the shelf.
  • Save as you create with eco-design
    Creativity and pragmatic creation go hand in hand thanks to the eco-design intelligence calculations and analysis, tackling problems before they even have a chance of originating.

Key features

  • Structural
  • Parametric
  • Market adaptable
  • Industry standard compliant
  • Original design integrable
  • In-house network synched
  • Interactive creation
  • Animated (AR) design
  • Automatic folding
  • Optimized calculations
  • Assembly analysis
  • Reporting guidance

Release notes

10 1 August 2019


8.9 26 September 2017

  • Prise en charge des filets spéciaux (texte, zone, pré-découpe, anti-coupe main ,rainant inversé) part PicDécoupe pour le pilotage des tables de découpe.
  • Changement du système d’activation, possibilité de limiter l’activation d’un poste dans le temps
  • Création d’un nouveau type d’attribut "Hachure". En préparation d’une nouvelle ergonomie sur la création des hachures.
  • Mise à jour des traductions



Organising your designs in Picador PackLib

If you're designing a lot of custom packaging you probably have a way to keep track of all those drawings. Did you know you can actually use treeDiM's PackLib to organise your own designs besides using it to open existing standards?


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treeDiM Picador has a feature with which you can instantly load Technical Data Sheets from customizable templates which use variables and calculations to fill in data.


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Webinar - Introduction to Picador

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We’ll introduce you to the main features of Picador! You’ll be able to see how you can put the solution into use and what its main features are.

System requirements

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