Publishing is no longer just creating a newspaper or magazine. Todays content is spread across different media: paper, the web, tablets, phones … With advertising budgets getting tighter and circulation shrinking, it is key to make sure your production budget is under control.

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Print-ready PDF from any CMS

Four Pees offers a range of automation solutions for publishers to streamline the entire production workflow from incoming pictures or advertisements to press-ready PDFs or files adapted to the medium they will be used in. While most publishers already have some tools in place, the solutions that Four Pees offers enable you to get up-to-date with the latest technology at a fraction of the cost.

If you manage and store your content in a HTML or XML-based content management system, callas pdfChip allows you to automatically convert that content into nicely layed out, print-ready PDF files.

Automatic image enhancement

Elpical Claro is an automatic image enhancement solution based on in-depth analysis of each individual image. Claro enhances sharpness, contrast, brightness and many more aspects of an image, completely automatically. Good images from professional photographers with good equipment will typically only get subtle improvements, poorer quality images will get a more drastic overhaul. Claro can be integrated in the beginning of the workflow, at file reception, but it can also be integrated as part of the editorial workflow or at the very end, enhancing images held within a PDF. Claro can obviously also handle the automatic creation of different versions of an image, optimising the quality for the corresponding media it will be used in.

Take the manual labor out of your ad delivery workflow

The overall advertisement workflow often remains a labor intensive process. What is the booking number of the file we received? Where is that artwork for this booking? Does the file match the specification? Laidback Solutions Cargo handles the entire ad delivery workflow. Linking into your dedicated booking or ERP system, Cargo will send out an email request for artwork once the booking is registered into the system. As the deadline approached an artwork is not yet received, the advertiser will get reminders, even per SMS, until the artwork is received. Upon upload, incoming advertisements are immediately checked against the technical specifications. The uploader receives immediate feedback whether the files are ok or not and what are the mistakes. For classified ads, Cargo even allows to submit text and images separately. An operator will receive the items directly into InDesign and will be able to submit the finished ad for customer approval. All the communication and processing is handled 100% automatically.

Laidback Solutions FileTrain is the automation engine behind Cargo, but can be used as a standalone tool to automate file collection, sending at moving throughout the workflow. Route files based on metadata, insert or extract metadata, retrieve job information from a database, FileTrain makes your workflow intelligent by connecting the often invisibles dots. FileTrain can be integrated with any automation product. It provides out-of-the-box integration with Elpical Claro and callas pdfToobox.

Streamline multi-channel output

axaio MadeToPrint allows fully automated print and export from your design document to one or more output targets. This means that the same document can be exported to different PDF versions, EPub and XML. The automation process is based on an integrated hot folder support. MadeToPrint Auto or MadeToPrint Server include connectors the most common editorial systems. Furthermore it can be integrated with automation systems such as Enfocus Switch.

Deliver error-free files to your printer

callas pdfToolbox will serve as your general PDF Toolkit. It can be integrated in the Cargo or your own ad delivery portal to check incoming files. pdfToolbox can also be used to prepare files before sending them off to the printer. Potentially in combination with the ColorLogic DeviceLink profiles, you can even standardise color and apply ink saving, improving your negotiation position with your printers.

Need assistance?

You see that every individual technology has its hand in making your business less manual and more profitable. If you need any help identifying which one fits your needs best, we’ll be happy to help. Simply contact us for an online session to analyze your needs and get a demo.

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