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Video tutorial - Setting Up a Lighting Rig

This video tutorial is about setting up a Lighting Rig in iC3D.

Video tutorial - Dynamic Backgrounds

This video tutorial is about Dynamic Backgrounds in iC3D.

Product video - iC3D Suite 4.0 show reel

Creative Edge Software presented iC3D Suite v4 at drupa 2016. As photorealism was previously the missing piece of the puzzle, five new features have been developed specifically to address this...

Product video - tFLOW introduction

Take your workflow to the next level with tFLOW Approval and tFLOW Production.

Product video - tFLOW workflow

Video about how Tucanna tFLOW optimizes your digital print workflow.

Video tutorial - Updating Profiles with CoPrA 4.0

ColorLogic’s CoPrA 4.0 can update ICC profiles with nothing more than a simple control strip.

Video tutorial - Renaming profile channels in CoPrA 4.0

Using ColorLogic’s CoPrA 4.0 to rename color channels with the Profile Manager.

Product video - iC3D Suite 3.6 new features

Announcing the latest version of iC3D, complete with new scene locking and our cloud collaboration portal, iC3D opsis.

Product video - iC3D Suite overview 2016

An overview video where some important features of iC3D are explained.

Tutorial - Create a Switchboard Action to be used in a Process Plan

Background Process Plans allow you to run profiles, checks and fixups, but you can also create your own actions to be executed as part of the processing. How are these actions created? In this tutorial I will show you  how to...
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