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Video tutorial - Approving Artwork in tFLOW

Step by step instructions for approving artwork in tFLOW Approval.

Product video - tFLOW 3

Tucanna tFLOW Approval 3 and tFLOW Production. Customer service and print automation workflow.

Video tutorial - iC3D Suite 3.5 new features

iC3D Suite 3.5 is available for use now with the following features: New Renderer Support ultra hi-resolution HDRI backgrounds Ambient Occlusion Shadow/shading effects and enhances fine...

Video tutorial - Using CoPrA's Image Conversion tool

ColorLogic's CoPrA Image Conversion tool for converts image files with DeviceLink color profiles, printer profiles, abstract profiles and multicolor profiles.

MadeToTag - Tagged PDF in 7 steps

MadeToTag features an UI, which allows step-by-step guidance through tasks for creating accessible, tagged PDF files. This new concept offers a better overview of the necessary tasks and provides a higher level of control. MadeToTag...

Layer Views in Packaging

With MadeForLayers for InDesign and Illustrator, you can organize layers in so-called  Layer Views. That gives you the chance for easy and reliable switching between different layout views, e.g. with   packaging...

Language layers in MadeForLayers

With MadeForLayers for InDesign & Illustrator you can organize layers in so-called Layer Views. That gives you the chance for easy and reliable switching between different layout views, e.g. with  multi-lingual or regional variants of...

Activate MadeToPrint Server

How you do unlock MadeToPrint Server on Windows. Unlocking MadeToPrint requires administrator priviledges. As we are running as a Plug-In in InDesign Server, the InDesign Server – and thus the command line – needs administrator...

Using layer combinations

This tutorial briefly shows how you can set up layer combinations in MadeToPrint to generate separate PDFs (or other output formats) combining different layers of your document.

Creating greyscale PDFs directly out of InDesign using MadeToPrint

With MadeToPrint, you can add a Post Process processing, which means that you can run a pdfToolbox profile on any output PDF you have created. You can not only create a grayscale PDF but also include a preflight to check against specific...
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