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Export InDesign Books with MadeToPrint

This tutorial shows that you can process InDesign Books (*.indb) with MadeToPrint automatically (hot folder based) to PDF or PostScript. Create a MadeToPrint PDF export job

Creating jobsets in MadeToPrint

How to export a high resolution PDF, a low resolution PDF and an InDesign package at the same time? All you have to do is to create Printjobs for different output qualities/channels and then combine them into a jobset. Open...

Using MadeForLayers Layer Views in MadeToPrint

MadeToPrint has the capability to use layer views from MadeForLayers for printing and the export to various file formats (PDF, EPS and various image file formats). Layer Views in...

Video tutorial - 3D Models & Materials

Learn how to add a 3D model to the 3D view of IC3D Suite and create materials to decorate the 3D model, in order to display a realistic wine bottle with a neck and realistic glass effect. Understand the different tools and functions to manipulate...

Video tutorial - Structure of a Product/Job in Imp

A video tutorial about the structure of a Product/Job in Imp.

Video tutorial - Ganging Multiple Jobs

A video tutorial about Ganging Multiple Jobs in Imp.

Video tutorial - Auto Planning of a Packaging Product

A video tutorial about Auto Planning of a Packaging Product in Imp.

Video tutorial - Zoom and Pan

A video tutorial about the Zoom and Pan functionality in Imp.

Video tutorial - Semi Automatic Ganging Pack & Fit

A video tutorial about semi Automatic Ganging Pack & Fit  in Imp.

Video tutorial - Manually Planning a Packaging Product

A video tutorial about planning a Packaging Product manually in Imp.
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