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Webinar - Spot color conversion with ZePrA color server

Thumbnail - Spot color conversion with ZePrA color server
Introduction on spot color conversion using ZePrA Color Server from ColorLogic. The summary includes an example of a poor quality spot color conversion using the alternate color space versus the high quality conversion using ZePrA Color Server.

Webinar - ZePrA color management server spot color conversion

Thumbnail - ZePrA color management server spot color conversion
Learn how to implement ColorLogic's ZePrA Color Management Server software, how to convert alternative color spaces from PDFs generated from Adobe's Indesign and Illustrator (from CS 6 forward) to get a high-quality match, not only for proofing,...

Webinar - Messing with color: colorful applications

Thumbnail - Messing with color - colorful applications
This webinar covers several color related topics: ICC Profiles, DeviceLink profiles and the difference between both. Using ICC Profiles and DeviceLink profiles for color conversion in pdfToolbox...

Webinar - What's new in pdfToolbox 6?

Thumbnail - What's new in pdfToolbox 6?
callas software held a pre-release webinar where some of the new features of pdfToolbox 6 were shown, which you can view below.

Webinar - pdfToolbox Desktop features

Thumbnail - pdfToolbox Desktop features
David van Driessche, CTO at Four Pees held an English webinar on February 5, 2013 on callas pdfToolbox Desktop features. 

Webinar - PDF preflight standards

Thumbnail - PDF preflight standards
David van Driessche, CTO of Four Pees, held an English webinar to introduce you to the different PDF related standards and how they are implemented and can be used in pdfToolbox. Preflight standards from ISO: PDF/X and...

Webinar - pdfToolbox Desktop for beginners

Thumbnail - pdfToolbox Desktop for beginners
You have downloaded the trial version or you recently bought pdfToolbox Desktop from callas software? Congratulations! But what now? In this webinar, David van Driessche unveils the true value of pdfToolbox Desktop, showing...
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