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Webinar - Distributed and remote rendering in Creative Edge's iC3D

Thumbnail - Distributed and remote rendering in iC3D
With the distributed and remote rendering feature, you can use leftover processing capability from other computers on your network to help render the images faster. Otherwise, even when using a strong computer with a good GPU to...

Webinar - Create a packaging from scratch with iC3D

Thumbnail  - Create a packaging from scratch with iC3D
We show you around in Creative Edge iC3D and its basic functionalities. After explaining the User Interface and showing where you can find your resources, we will create a packaging from scratch - revealing the entire process. With...

Webinar - What's new in iC3D 5?

Thumbnail - What's new in iC3D 5?
Do you want to learn everything about how you can visualize virtually any packaging type as if you were holding it in your hand? Well, iC3D just got even better and more powerful with the latest version. On September 12,...

Webinar - What's new in iC3D 4?

Thumbnail - What's new in iC3D 4?
We are proud to announce that Creative Edge Software has just released version 4 of its groundbreaking iC3D packaging design solution, containing a wealth of important new features. In this webinar Tom Peire, CEO of Four Pees, will...

Webinar - iC3D Automate

Thumbnail - iC3D Automate
While creating 3D visualizations for packaging or label jobs is a creative process, ultimately there are a number of more administrative and repetitive tasks involved as well: clients want to see different views of each 3D...

Webinar - What's new in iC3D 3.6?

Thumbnail - What's new in iC3D 3.6?
This webinar shows the new features of iC3D 3.6 and gives an overall introduction to the solution.

Webinar - Advanced iC3D techniques

Thumbnail - Advanced iC3D techniques
This webinar goes into more detail on a number of iC3D features often overlooked. Included are: The theory behind environment and lighting maps: import, export, creating your own and more. Creating advanced...

Webinar - iC3D: Case studies

Thumbnail - iC3D - Case studies
In most iC3D webinars certain features are highlighted. This webinar shows how to build a number of different projects from start to finish. The case studies in this webinar are: Finnish cloudberry tea: The...
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