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Webinar - Why MadeToPrint?

Thumbnail - Why MadeToPrint?
At the VIP Event 2017, Olaf Drümmer (CEO of axaio) talked about what MadeToPrint is and what it can do for you. 00:53 - Where did MadeToPrint come from? 12:36 - What is MadeToPrint? Creating good output 20:00 - Making...

Webinar - Take MadeToPrint to the next level!

Thumbnail - Take MadeToPrint to the next level!
At the VIP Event 2017, René Treuber (Product Manager of axaio) talked about taking MadeToPrint to the next level through using all of its features. There are several useful functionalities within MadeToPrint that are often not...

Webinar - Experience the advantages of MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress

Thumbnail - Experience the advantages of MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress
David van Driessche, CTO at Four Pees, will be giving this English webinar about the advantages of MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress.

Webinar - How to standardize the output with axaio MadeToPrint for Adobe InDesign

Thumbnail - How to standardize the output with axaio MadeToPrint for Adobe InDesign?
Creating output from Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress is not challenging. Consistently and reliably creating different pieces of output from InDesign documents for different targets, using a standard naming-scheme, output settings, output locations...

Activate MadeToPrint Server

How you do unlock MadeToPrint Server on Windows. Unlocking MadeToPrint requires administrator priviledges. As we are running as a Plug-In in InDesign Server, the InDesign Server – and thus the command line – needs administrator...

Using layer combinations

This tutorial briefly shows how you can set up layer combinations in MadeToPrint to generate separate PDFs (or other output formats) combining different layers of your document.

Creating greyscale PDFs directly out of InDesign using MadeToPrint

With MadeToPrint, you can add a Post Process processing, which means that you can run a pdfToolbox profile on any output PDF you have created. You can not only create a grayscale PDF but also include a preflight to check against specific...

Export InDesign Books with MadeToPrint

This tutorial shows that you can process InDesign Books (*.indb) with MadeToPrint automatically (hot folder based) to PDF or PostScript. Create a MadeToPrint PDF export job

Creating jobsets in MadeToPrint

How to export a high resolution PDF, a low resolution PDF and an InDesign package at the same time? All you have to do is to create Printjobs for different output qualities/channels and then combine them into a jobset. Open...

Using MadeForLayers Layer Views in MadeToPrint

MadeToPrint has the capability to use layer views from MadeForLayers for printing and the export to various file formats (PDF, EPS and various image file formats). Layer Views in...
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