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Webinar - Affordable TAC reduction and InkSaving using pdfToolbox and ColorLogic DLS

Thumbnail - Affordable TAC reduction and InkSaving using pdfToolbox and ColorLogic DLS
callas pdfToolbox is capable of doing color conversions using regular ICC profiles, but it can also use DeviceLink profiles. Using specially crafted DeviceLink profiles from ColorLogic is an affordable way to reduce ink in PDF...

Webinar - ZePrA 5.0 introduction

Thumbnail - What's new in ZePrA 5?
Get an overview of ColorLogic's latest Smart Color Server ZePrA 5.0.

Webinar - Spot color conversion with ZePrA color server

Thumbnail - Spot color conversion with ZePrA color server
Introduction on spot color conversion using ZePrA Color Server from ColorLogic. The summary includes an example of a poor quality spot color conversion using the alternate color space versus the high quality conversion using ZePrA Color Server.

Webinar - ZePrA color management server spot color conversion

Thumbnail - ZePrA color management server spot color conversion
Learn how to implement ColorLogic's ZePrA Color Management Server software, how to convert alternative color spaces from PDFs generated from Adobe's Indesign and Illustrator (from CS 6 forward) to get a high-quality match, not only for proofing,...

Webinar - Messing with color: colorful applications

Thumbnail - Messing with color - colorful applications
This webinar covers several color related topics: ICC Profiles, DeviceLink profiles and the difference between both. Using ICC Profiles and DeviceLink profiles for color conversion in pdfToolbox...

How do the ColorLogic products compare to pure (for example packaging) N-Color workflows?

Advanced packaging products can re-separate files using a flexible number of spot colors. The answer ColorLogic has for such workflows depends on its unique ability to work with MultiColor DeviceLink profiles in CoPrA and ZePrA. Using...

Can I create a DeviceLink profile from CMYK to CMYK+?

Yes, it's possible to create RGB/CMY/CMYK to 5C/6C or 7C DeviceLink profiles or 6C to 6C profiles. This will require the multi-color add-on.

Are the ColorLogic products competition to X and Y?

Likely :-) ColorLogic offers a very comprehensive color workflow solution and more than likely it overlaps in functionality with some of the other tools in the market that you know. The important thing to remember is that we believe that the...

Does ZePrA allow flexible DeviceLink creation (on-the-fly creation of DeviceLinks)?

Yes, there is a SmartLink option in ZePrA that does exactly that. It allows you to specify a number of optimized DeviceLink profiles, and any color conversion that you don't have a DeviceLink for will have that DeviceLink created for you...

Is ZePrA a multi-processor solution?

ZePrA as of today runs only one file in parallel when using the GUI with hot folders. The command-line version (and thus also the Switch integration module) is capable of running multiple instances in parallel. In our tests ZePrA is a very fast...
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