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Fresnel & Holographic Effects in iC3D 6

Thumbnail - Fresnel & Holographic Effects in iC3D 6
Version 6 of iC3D is focused on specialist high-end print finish materials, such as foils and laminates, including holographic and Fresnel Lens effects. Get introduced to the key features of iC3D 6: Fresnel Lens...

Webinar - Distributed and remote rendering in Creative Edge's iC3D

Thumbnail - Distributed and remote rendering in iC3D
With the distributed and remote rendering feature, you can use leftover processing capability from other computers on your network to help render the images faster. Otherwise, even when using a strong computer with a good GPU to...

Webinar - Create a packaging from scratch with iC3D

Thumbnail  - Create a packaging from scratch with iC3D
We show you around in Creative Edge iC3D and its basic functionalities. After explaining the User Interface and showing where you can find your resources, we will create a packaging from scratch - revealing the entire process. With...

Webinar - What's new in iC3D 5?

Thumbnail - What's new in iC3D 5?
Do you want to learn everything about how you can visualize virtually any packaging type as if you were holding it in your hand? Well, iC3D just got even better and more powerful with the latest version. On September 12,...

Product video - iC3D Suite 4.0 show reel

Creative Edge Software presented iC3D Suite v4 at drupa 2016. As photorealism was previously the missing piece of the puzzle, five new features have been developed specifically to address this...

Product video - iC3D Suite 3.6 new features

Announcing the latest version of iC3D, complete with new scene locking and our cloud collaboration portal, iC3D opsis.

Product video - iC3D Suite overview 2016

An overview video where some important features of iC3D are explained.

Webinar - iC3D Automate

Thumbnail - iC3D Automate
While creating 3D visualizations for packaging or label jobs is a creative process, ultimately there are a number of more administrative and repetitive tasks involved as well: clients want to see different views of each 3D...

Video tutorial - iC3D Suite 3.5 new features

iC3D Suite 3.5 is available for use now with the following features: New Renderer Support ultra hi-resolution HDRI backgrounds Ambient Occlusion Shadow/shading effects and enhances fine...

Product video - iC3D Suite show reel 2016

This short 3 minute show reel highlights all the key features of iC3D Suite and shows how they can easily be used to ideate, design and produce all types of packaging... in Real time 3D.
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