Four Pees Café - What's up with color? - Color, quantified

29 abr. 2021

We are introducing a new set of Four Pees Café’s where color is the main theme. As usual the Café’s are meant to be introductions to certain applications or areas of knowledge, so we’re starting from scratch and building up to the current state of color management and how it works.

There are many ways to discuss color. We can for example use the Dutch term “appelblauwzeegroen” which translates to “apple-blue-sea-green” and describes a color much like turquoise. But the fact that we have to explain this to you shows that this may not be the best way to communicate this color.

Some ways to describe colors work better for some workflows. We’ll see a few of these methods and talk about standardization and color differences.

Date: April 29th

Time: 16h00

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