DeviceLink Add-on for pdfToolbox Server

The callas DeviceLink Add-on Server enables you to perform conversions via the supplied DeviceLink profiles.

It is a locked option of the callas pdfToolbox Server and therefore not available as a separate download. To activate it - a licensed version of callas pdfToolbox Server is necessary.

To try out the callas DeviceLink-Add-on Server please download callas pdfToolbox Server.

The DeviceLink Add-on consists of a number of DeviceLink profiles and is a payable option for pdfToolbox Server.

Click here to buy DeviceLink Add-on for callas pdfToolbox Server:

DeviceLink profiles

DeviceLink Profiles are a special form of ICC profiles, which offer a color transformation from source to destination in ONE profile. This way, each color of the source color space is directly transformed to a certain color in the destination color space.
DeviceLink profiles are certified by the ICC (International Color Consortium).
callas DeviceLink Add-on is delivered with a package of the most common DeviceLink profiles but also offers the possibility to install your own. Please find a list of profiles here.

Advantages of DeviceLink profiles

DeviceLink profiles complement the usage of regular ICC profiles to avoid weaknesses of a color conversion based on ICC profiles for certain tasks. These weaknesses mainly are the CMYK to CMYK transformation and e.g. the preservation of pure black text in a picture.

A CMYK to CMYK transformation with ICC profiles always is performed via the device independent Lab color space, which leads to a complete reseparation of the data with partly unpredictable and unwanted results. This does not happen with DeviceLink profiles, which offer a direct control of color composition.

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