Four Pees Café - Insoft Imp version 12: What’s new?

14 mar. 2022 By Four Pees Café

Recently Insoft has released its newest version of Insoft Imp. InSoft Imp has been by far the most flexible and efficient layout planning, ganging and imposition software on the market for many years. Imp 12 takes this efficiency to even higher levels, even for the most complex planning scenarios.

The application’s user interface has been refreshed to make it more intuitive and easier to work with, and the underlying algorithms received many additional optimizations. Both Imp 12 and the fully hands-off Imp Flow 12 are available now.

In this Four Pees Café, Four Pees CTO David van Driessche will dive deeper into all the new features of Insoft Imp.

Webinar in English

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