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brandbox creates web- and print-ready PDF files from a single source with callas technology

30 June 2020
Users of Konmedia GmbH’s brandbox can now automatically process PDF files using pdfToolbox from callas software. brandbox is a universal marketing instrument which enables product communication acr...
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Caldera lanceert een nieuwe oplossing voor prepress-automatisering

24 June 2020
Four Pees, de verdeler van software-oplossingen voor Caldera in de Benelux, is verheugd de lancering van een gloednieuw Caldera-product aan te kondigen: PrimeCenter. Deze oplossing voor prepress-au...
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callas pdfChip streamlines the production process for etikett.de

16 June 2020
The label printing website etikett.de (also known as label.co.uk) recently launched a Transparency label generator. Customers can use Transparency to design their own secure labels, protecting thei...
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New MadeToPrint version 2.8.323 with feature extensions & improvements

10 June 2020
axaio software announces the immediate availability of the new version 2.8.323 of its output solution MadeToPrint. With the current version, some smaller functionality enhancements as well as impro...
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pdfaPilot 9.1 supports ZUGFeRD 2.1

26 May 2020
callas software released an update for its pdfaPilot product line today. Aside from numerous smaller improvements, the standout feature for pdfaPilot 9.1 is its support for version 2.1 of the ZUGFe...
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axaio software releases new update for MadeForLayers

15 April 2020
axaio software today announced update 1.3.048 of its layer plug-in MadeForLayers.
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Better integration of MadeToPrint & WoodWing Enterprise as of Enterprise Server version 10.9.0

7 April 2020
axaio software enhanced the integration of axaio MadeToPrint in WoodWing Enterprise: with the recently released WoodWing Enterprise Server version 10.9.0, there is now a direct integration of the s...
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