Four Pees Café - Creating “Apply To”-checks for Fixups in pdfToolbox

26 oct. 2021

The ability to use checks and fixups in pdfToolbox helps you create the best possible PDF for the application you need it for. But what if you need to add page numbering, but don’t want to apply that to the first page of your document? Or what if you want to remove a specific object, and would have to apply the Remove objects fixup to only that object?

Seeing a pattern here? Luckily, pdfToolbox has an “Apply to” option in Fixups, where you can insert a Check. That way you can have your specific fixup be used only on that specific item. Together with Michiel Van den Saffele, you’ll dive deeper into this option in order to use these for your applications. We’ll focus on three specific scenarios’:

  • Removing specific objects in your document
  • Creating checks and fixups only for specific pages in your document, e.g. everything except the first page of the document
  • Creating shapes based on existing objects in the documents

Video in English

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