Four Pees Café - The advantage of pricing engines in web-to-print systems

26 abr. 2021

Four Pees Café

Did you know that web-to-print systems help you save time with pricing calculations? Every printer knows that making complex price calculations is a time-consuming process. If you know that only a third of those calculations get turned into orders, a lot of time gets “wasted” that could have been used to create real added value to your company.

What if you could automate this process with pricing engines of a web to print system? And what if those solutions were scalable?

During this Four Pees Café, Helena De Smedt and David van Driessche explain the advantages of pricing engines in web-to-print platforms such as Pressero and show you how these can grow from easy, intermediate and complex systems, together with how your company grows!

Video in English

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