Four Pees Café - Web-to-print and MIS: can they play well together?

10 may. 2021

Four Pees Café

An important reason to implement a Web-to-print system is to reduce the administrative overhead and get correct prices to customers quickly. But how does that work if your products are defined in the MIS system and your price calculations are normally done there as well?

Are you going to end up maintaining two disparate systems?

In this Four Pees Café you will see how that can easily be avoided for the combination of Aleyant Pressero as Web-to-print system and Dataline MultiPress as MIS system. The recently announced integration of both systems makes them cooperate seamlessly.

Dataline’s Project Manager EMEA Davy Verstaen and Four Pees’ CTO David van Driessche show you how to:

  • Synchronize products and their prices and options between MultiPress and Pressero.
  • Send completed orders directly from Pressero to MultiPress for production.
  • Generate all Web-to-print invoices directly from MultiPress for completely integrated accounting between online and offline sales.
  • Advanced real-time feedback on order status and production data and status for easy follow-up and fact-based decision making

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