How can I convert PostScript files to PDF using pdfToolbox Server?


In pdfToolbox Server 5 there was a specific action that could be selected to convert PostScript (or EPS) files into PDF with specific PDF Settings. Because of the different way pdfToolbox Server 7 works, this functionality needs to be implemented differently (and this article explains how).


  1. Open pdfToolbox Desktop and either launch a local server or connect to your remote server in the usual way.
  2. Create a new job, fill in a name and description (optional) and setup input and output folders.
  3. In the "Additional CLI parameters" enter "--topdf". Doing this will make sure that incoming PostScript files are converted to PDF. If you select a profile as well, the file will first be converted to PDF and afterwards the selected profile (or process plan) will be executed on it).

  4. If you want to use your own PDF Settings instead of the default settings, you have to enter a second command-line parameter. The "--topdf_settings" parameter needs to be followed by an equal sign "=" and the full path to the PDF Settings you want to use. If this path contains spaces, it has to be contained in double quotes (as in the example screen grab below).



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