Release notes callas pdfaPilot 1

pdfaPilot 1.3.080

Release date: 2009-03-27


  • New conversion features
    • Option added to remove XMP Metadata that is not compatible with PDF/A
    • Correction to add the Type entry in the StructElem which is required by PDF/A-1a
    • Correction to convert SMasks to image masks that are allowed by PDF/A
    • Converted PDF files are optimized for fast web view (Acrobat 9)
  • Font handling extended
    • Adobe standard fonts are automatically available for font embedding
    • Correction to remove Differences entry from TrueType font by converting the font to CID font
    • Cross type embedding of fonts extended
    • Optimization in font caching


  • Problems solved where fonts where not embedded in specified PDF files (fonts Times, Symbol and MS Gothic for Japanese glyphs)
  • Problem solved where glyph width mismatch was not corrected

pdfaPilot 1.2.077

Release date: 2008-12-18


  • Language support added for French, Spanish, Italian


  • Improved progress when creating font cache (font names are listed)
  • Problem solved where incompatible XMP could not be removed
  • Problem solved where CMap was not embedded properly for a PDF
  • Problem solved where encoding was not adapted after font embedding for a PDF
  • Problem solved where Acrobat message appeared in Acrobat 9 after font substitution because “Use local fonts” was activated in user preferences

pdfaPilot 1.2.075

Release date: 2008-12-08


  • CMap embedded for CID fonts if not present
  • Space glyph inserted if missing
  • Remove XMP metadata that prevents a PDF from being PDF/A compliant
  • Convert Launch actions in bookmarks to GoToR actions


  • Several improvements in font embedding and font substitution
    • Problem fixed where “Wrong encoding for non-symbolic TrueType font” was reported after the conversion
    • Problem fixed where glyph width mismatch was reported after the conversion
  • Several improvements in font analysis
    • Analysis of white space and non-breaking space character improved
  • Several improvements in XMP metadata handling
    • Additional data types regarded as valid
    • Entries pdfx:Company and pdfx:SourceModified added to XMP extension schema
    • Problem fixed where Author in DocInfo could not be adapted for PDF/A
  • Problem solved where invalid rendering intent could not be corrected


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