Release notes callas pdfaPilot 3

pdfaPilot 3.1.156

Release date: 2012-03-21

  • Update of pdfaPilot 3 Desktop free of charge for owners of a pdfaPilot 3 Desktop license


  • New Fixup: Remove Signatures [CA1021127]
  • New Fixup: Remove XFA ressource entry [CA1021127]


  • Fixups
    • Problem solved where objects shift after changing the content stream [CA1021052, CA1021055, CA1021083, FP17126]
  • Reports
    • Problem solved where creation of MHT reports failed [FP18241]
  • PDF/A Analysis
    • Improved check for “Form field has multiple appearances” in PDF/A-1 validation
  • PDF/A Conversion
  • Problem solved where StemV entry was not handled properly [CA1021172]
  • Improved handling of multiple office document conversion
  • Unix-platforms: Problem solved where wrong system folders where searched for fonts

pdfaPilot 3.0.151

Release date 2011-12-15

  • Upgrade to pdfaPilot 3 Desktop requires upgrade fee for owners of a pdfaPilot 2 Desktop license
  • Upgrade to pdfaPilot 3 Desktop free of charge for owners of a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for pdfaPilot 2 Desktop


  • PDF/A-3 Support
  • Improved features for creating file packages and collections
  • Distributed processing
  • Force Conversion for conversion to PDF/A
  • Support for SharePoint
  • New and enhanced Profiles
    • Convert to PDF/A-1a, -1b
    • Convert to PDF/A-2a, -2b, -2u
    • Convert to PDF/A-3a, -3b, -3u
    • Verify compliance with PDF/A-3a, -3b, -3u
    • Scale pages to A4 if not larger than A3
  • New Fixups
    • Repair invalid bookmark hierachies [CA1020567]
    • Repair invalid ToUnicode-cMap information in fonts
    • Convert pages into images
    • Create invisible text copy for all text
    • Set relationship entry for embedded files
    • Scale page content only
    • Rotate pages to landscape if portrait
    • Rotate pages to portrait if landscape
  • Extended fixups
    • Scale pages with more options
    • Fixups enhanced by an “Apply to” option to restrict the fixup to specified pages:
      • Rotate pages
      • Scale pages
      • Crop pages
      • Create bleed
  • New Checks
    • New check to find latin ligatures
    • Several checks added for all aspects of PDF/A-3
    • Smallest distance from TrimBox
    • Smallest distance from BleedBox
    • Object closer to TrimBox than specified value
    • Object closer to TrimBox than specified value (binding edges are not checked)
  • pdfaPilot Desktop
    • New dialogue for setting relationship entry and describtion for embedded files when creating PDF/A-3 packages
    • Simultaneous export of several profiles
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library 9.1 integrated (v9.1.0PlusP4d)


  • Improved stability on all platforms
  • Comments can be added for Fixups to show up when selected or executed [CA1020681]
  • PDF/A Analysis
    • Improved PDF Syntax analysis
    • Improved analysis of embedded Fonts [CA1020585]
  • PDF/A Conversion
    • Added force conversion feature to standard PDF/A conversion profiles
    • Problem solved where object compression failed with PDF/A-2 conversion [FP17296]
    • Improved handling and removing of XMP object metadata [CA1015970]
    • Form fields and annotations
      • Problems solved with form fields being converted to PDF/A-2 [CA1020860]
      • Problem solved with highlight annotations on pages with rotation factor [CA1020859]
      • Improved handling of annotations without appearance [CA1020860]
    • Font corrections
      • Improved handling of several font problems
      • Problem solved where a missing font name causes failure of PDF/A conversion [CA17299]
      • Problem solved where false embedded fonts prevented conversion [CA1020545]
    • Problem solved where wrong OutputIntents avoided conversion to PDF/A
    • Improved handling of transparency blend color space
    • Improved handling of PDF-version during impositioning
    • Problem solved where in certain cases the file size unexpectedly increased [FP6106]
    • Improvements for PDF/E conversion profiles [CA1020741]
  • CLI
    • Improved handling of file extension [CA1020563]
    • Improved control over the number and types of values that are listed in the XML report


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