Activation procedure for pdfToolbox SDK

Step by step instructions on how to activate pdfToolbox SDK.


To use any callas product on a computer, you will need to activate it first. This is true if you have bought a license key but also if you want to test the software through a trial. This article explains how the normal activation procedure for pdfToolbox SDK works and which steps you have to go through.


After filling in the form for the trial you will receive an email containing a download link for the SDK package, your trial license, and these activation instructions.
NOTE: The package is actually named pdfEngine


  1. Included in the library folder is a command line activation tool.

    Use the following command: ./activation_sdk --keycode <Name> <Company> <License key OR path to license file>

  2. You will see a license request with further instructions on how the request has to be sent via email to the callas activation server.

    The activation server will send an Activation PDF in return.

  3. Activate your product using the following command: ./activation_sdk --activate <Path to Activation PDF>


As the activation (and the resulting Activation PDF) is bound to the hardware. It is necessary to deactivate a license on one machine before an activation takes place on a different machine.
  1. In command line, use the following command: ./activation_sdk --deactivate <Path to License PDF>
You can find extra information by using the --help command in cli.


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