Webinar - Fonts in pdfToolbox

In this webinar, we will talk about fonts in pdfToolbox. One of the difficult things in PDF documents are fonts. How are these embedded in PDF documents? What can go wrong with them and what options does pdfToolbox give you to correct potential problems?

02:15 - Case study: What can go wrong with fonts in PDF
03:55 - Identifying font problems with the default "List potential font problems" Profile in pdfToolbox
06:38 - Font tools in pdfToolbox
09:24 - Using pdfToolbox' "Explore Fonts" feature: 'glyph', '.notdef glyph' and 'empty glyph'
12:13 - Embedding fonts in PDF's as a 'Subset font'
13:57 - Fonts in PDF, how PDF page description uses fonts
18:46 - Finding font info in "Explore PDF" in pdfToolbox
20:31 - PDF page description and glyph encoding, glyph selection and glyph mapping
26:58 - Font types and their characterstics
30:39 - TrueType fonts in more details
34:14 - 'Symbolic' fonts
35:01 - Mapping to Unicode (encoding)
38:53 - pdfToolbox font report feature
41:00 - Case studies: when things go wrong
48:05 - Reasons for glyph substitution
51:50 - More font tools in pdfToolbox
56:00 - Recap and summary



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