Webinar - Showcasing hidden features in pdfToolbox 9.4

pdfToolbox often contains features that are a little bit (or completely) hidden from the majority of the end users. This is often because they are still being tested, usually to find out how to present them to users.

At the VIP Event 2017, David van Driessche (CTO of Four Pees) and Marc Heusmann (Senior Product Manager of callas) introduced two such features in pdfToolbox 9.4:

  • Logging provides preflight analytics which can provide lots of feedback on workflows
  • Profile comparison gives in-depth information on the differences between two preflight profiles

00:33 - Summary of new features
01:20 - Comparing Libraries and Profiles
07:38 - Improved Explore PDF functionality
11:08 - New "Insert Pages" Fixup to add or copy pages within a PDF document
19:40 - "Apply to" and "Mutiple" allow for more detailed configurations for Fixups
21:50 - Surpressing the now automatic PDF syntax Checks on CLI
23:54 - Identify vector objects based on dimensions
28:30 - Converting Grey based on the distance between the colorants
19:58 - Custom ID's for Checks and Fixups to make identification in XML or JavaScript variables easier
34:09 - News about Logging for better analytics



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