Layer Views in Packaging

With MadeForLayers for InDesign and Illustrator, you can organize layers in so-called Layer Views. That gives you the chance for easy and reliable switching between different layout views, e.g. with packaging designs.

Example: Illustrator file of a folded box

Packaging layouts often contain various layers. It's not always easy to keep all belonging layers together.

For better overview you now can set up Layer Views with MadeForLayers. They contain layer combinations for different layout views.

Open MadeForLayers

Open MadeForLayers via Illustrator menu: View; MadeForLayers.


MadeForLayers displays all layers contained in the current document.

Visible layers are marked with the eye-symbol, just like in Illustrator. The visibility of the layers synchronizes with the document.

The upper section for the Layer Views is empty, because there haven't been Layer Views created yet.

Configuring a new layer view using the "Extended Dialog"

Change to Extended Dialog in order to create new layer views.

Adding a new Layer View

You can add a new layer view by clicking on the button with the green plus symbol in the upper section of the layer management window.

A new layer view contains all layers specified as visible in Layers section below.

Assigning a name for the Layer View

In the dialog, type a name for the layer view an click OK.

Layer View "Design" in the main Window

In the upper section the new Layer View "Design" is visible now. Automatically it gets the value "Default" (as standard layer view).

Adding more Layer Views

You can use the same procedure to create layer views for measure and varnish/emboss.

Using Layer Views

To change layer views you simply click the button next to the requested layer view.

With MadeToPrint you can print layouts or export PDF files using specific layer views predesigned in MadeForLayers.



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