Using layer combinations

This tutorial briefly shows how you can set up layer combinations in MadeToPrint to generate separate PDFs (or other output formats) combining different layers of your document.

Starting with an easy sample document containing three different language layers (en, de, fr) and two layers with elements used for each language.
Exporting this document to three different language PDF needs you to select the correct layers, export the document, select the next layers, export the document, ...
You can automate this with MadeToPrint (Standard, Auto and Server) and the option "Print Layer Combinations".

Create a new MadeToPrint Job

First, create a new job (1), give it a name (2). Afterwards decide (3) which printer or export you want to use. In the sample I create a PDF.

Now (1) define the output file name with tokens. Add the layer name (2) to the filename to identify the document. If this is done, you can go to the layers (3) section.

Define Layer Combination

As default, all visible and printable layers gets printed/exported. As we want to export layer combinations, click on the dropdown (1)...

...and choose "Print Layer Combinations".

MadeToPrint has inserted the layer names of the document to the list of fixed layers.
Fix Layers will be combined with each individual of the Per Document Layers to get multiple outputs.
In our setup we want the en, de and fr layers to be "per document" (per PDF), together with the small and big car layers.

Now small cars layer, big car layer and en layer gets exported to a PDF file, small cars layer, big car layer and de layer produces a seperate file, and finally small cars layer, big car layer and fr layer produces a file.

Save setting

Click on Apply (1) to save the setting and Close (2) to close the edit mode.

Run the job

Select your job (1) and click on Print (2).

MadeToPrint is now exporting the document to seperate PDF files.

Now you have 3 PDFs beside of your document. The destination of your output could be somewhere else, if you have set up a different location in the MadeToPrint job.



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