Caldera launches CalderaRIP v15

27 oct. 2021

French software creator Caldera has announced the release of the latest iteration of its award-winning RIP program, CalderaRIP Version 15, to coincide with the company’s 30th anniversary. On October 21, Caldera users will be able to upgrade their RIP for enhanced performance, increased flexibility and a clutch of new features which will further enable them to meet the challenges of the large-format digital printing industry.

Highlights of the new version include six new features that will be available to all Version 15 users, as well as additional special inclusions for CalderaCare subscribers. Additionally, OS Support has been expanded in readiness for the release of MacOS Monterey and more than 20 new Print & Cut drivers have been added to V15 ISO. Along with the new version of CalderaRIP, the company is releasing V1.12 of CalderaDock, the toolbox which allows users to manage the licenses and installation of all their Caldera solutions. It now comes with an improved interface for attaching and switching RIP licenses and the Sync&Deploy module to allow users to install their drivers and profiles remotely.

According to Arnaud Fabre, Product Manager at Caldera, “For our 30th anniversary, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to leveraging our customers’ workflows by adding a range of new features to our RIP. I’m delighted to see that entering our fourth decade, we are still fueled by innovation, while our customers continue to benefit from our rock-solid foundation as we address new challenges together.”

The new features included in Version 15 will contribute to making it one of the most versatile RIP packages on the market. A new White Under Marks feature has been created for improved cutting accuracy on non-white media such as dark, transparent or metallic substrates, while the new Wide Contour Offset greatly improves the accuracy of the cutting process on shrinking or distorting textile substrates. Users will be able to automate their trimming workflow using the ASP (Automatic Slicer Positioning) functionality of the Fotoba XLA 170. This feature is unique to CalderaRIP and saves on manual processes while delivering maximum cutting speed, flexibility and precision.

Version 15 also includes a new Preview feature to help keep track of nested jobs in high-throughput production environments. It facilitates job inspection and verification, before and after printing, and can be used to easily identify jobs inside the nest and check marks to minimize errors and media waste. The existing TileOrder feature has been improved, and there’s a new update of the Pantone Fashion and Home Interior Spot Colors library.

Along with these enhancements to the RIP software, Version 15 comes with new features for CalderaCare subscribers, including a PrintProof feature to set up an efficient customer verification workflow and avoid unwanted waste, and a new date filter for in CalderaJobs to help operators easily find any job they need to reprint or archive. SmartImport has also been improved in order to further automate job submission workflows. All Version 15 users will further benefit from changes to CalderaDock – the new V1.12 embeds an improved interface, plus remote deployment using Sync&Deploy.

Sébastien Hanssens, VP Marketing & Operations, says, “CalderaRIP Version 15 continues our long tradition of putting our customers’ needs at the heart of what we do. Each new iteration of the RIP is designed to drive their businesses forward by providing the most advanced comprehensive digital printing software available.”

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