Caldera releases PrimeCenter 1.2.0

09 ago. 2021

We are happy to announce that PrimeCenter has just been updated with long-awaited features and enhancements!

With this new update, file preparation for double-sided printing and cutting has never been easier, both for rectangular and non-rectangular shapes! When preparing double-sided banners or stickers for instance, PrimeCenter automatically generates and places Side B, the margins and the cutting marks at the right place to reduce manual errors.

First released in 2020, PrimeCenter helps digital printers optimize their file preparation for printing and cutting. PrimeCenter is fully compatible with CalderaRIP software to ensure a fully optimized prepress and production workflow.

Version 1.2.0


  • Double-Sided Printing - Manage and automate file-preparation for double-sided printing and cutting
  • Save valuable prepress time
  • Automatically generate back side
  • Non-identical visuals on both sides
  • Rectangular and non-rectangular shapes
  • Global Hotfolder - Simplify your workflow configuration with a unique entry point using XML
  • Simplify your automation setup
  • One hotfolder for all recipes
  • Include recipe’s name in the XML file
  • Global Hotfolder and Recipe hotfolder can be used at the same time
  • Global Hotfolder can only be used with XML file


  • Search in your recipes list
  • Display only the needed recipes


  • When using network transmission for ZCC, toast notification stills show “Open” button for the hotfolder
  • Date in the header of the ZCC file
  • JobName for barcode 39 annotation is now available
  • Update Edge Marks verbiage
  • Prime Center top menu is now translated in different languages
  • German translation fixes
  • Clear studio button cleans everything including registration marks
  • Move cut module just before the export module
  • Move cut export options in the export module

Version 1.2.1

Fixes & improvements

  • Drag and drop a file from the computer to the Studio doesn’t import it twice anymore
  • Multi-pages PDF with an odd number of pages imported correctly when Double-sided printing module is disabled
  • Update German Verbiage for Print Bleed
  • French translation fixes

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