callas software releases a new update for pdfToolbox

17 abr. 2019


pdfToolbox 10.2 includes a fix for the recently discovered workflow problem regarding OpenType SVG fonts

Berlin, April 17, 2019 – callas software, a market leader for automated PDF quality control and archival solutions, just released a minor update for its pdfToolbox product line. The update includes fixes for problems discovered in the field and a number of small improvements to the product in response to customer requests. In addition, callas software included a way to fix problems discovered with OpenType SVG fonts.

OpenType SVG fonts

Recently designers started using colorful OpenType SVG fonts much more frequently, but as examined by one of callas’ partners agileStreams, they can cause real production problems. The underlying cause of those problems goes back to the way the PDF specification is written, which results in multiple possible interpretations. Because of the severity of the problem, callas software wanted to quickly implement a fix. In pdfToolbox 10.2, a new Fixup merges the characters from an OpenType SVG font into the page content in an intelligent way. This fixes the problem without complicating the PDF file.

Other fixes & improvements

The update also makes the conversion of TIFF to PDF and PSD to PDF more robust: better support for 16-bit TIFF files, alpha channels, metadata, spot color channels and more makes the use of TIFF and PSD with pdfToolbox more reliable.

The compare mode between two PDF files has also been improved to add the ability to compare only within certain page boxes and to set the comparison anchor point. This enables the use of PDF file comparison even if two PDF files have different sizes.

Other improvements include new QuickCheck items for content stream length (to judge page complexity very quickly), DPart items and support for variables during batch processes in pdfToolbox Desktop.

Availability & pricing

callas pdfToolbox 10.2 is available as of today:

  • The update to pdfToolbox 10.2 is free of charge for pdfToolbox 10 users. Note that users can keep their pdfToolbox 10 keys for this update!
  • pdfToolbox Desktop for manual processing as a plug-in within Adobe Acrobat or standalone, starts at € 499. An upgrade from pdfToolbox 9 costs € 199 and an upgrade from pdfToolbox 8 costs € 299.
  • pdfToolbox Server, CLI and SDK for fully automated, hands-off processing and integration in other solutions start at € 3 999. Upgrades to pdfToolbox Server 10 are included in the maintenance agreement. Customers without an active maintenance agreement should contact callas software.

For further inquiries regarding availability, price, options or return on investment, please contact the callas software distribution partner, Four Pees at A fully functional time-limited trial version can be downloaded from the callas website.

About callas software

callas software finds simple ways to handle complex PDF challenges. As a technology innovator, callas software develops and markets PDF technology for publishing, print production, document exchange and document archiving. callas software helps agencies, publishing companies and printers to meet the challenges they face by providing software to preflight, correct and repurpose PDF files for print production and electronic publishing. Businesses and government agencies all over the world rely on callas software’s future-proof, fully PDF/A compliant archiving products. In addition, callas software technology is available as a programming library (SDK) for developers with a need for PDF optimization, validation and correction. Software vendors such as Adobe®, Quark®, Xerox® and many others have recognized the quality and flexibility provided by these callas tools and have incorporated them into their solutions.

callas software actively supports international standards and has been participating in DIN, ISO, CIP4, the European Color Initiative, the PDF Association, BITKOM and the Ghent Workgroup. callas software is a founding member of the PDF Association and has been involved in the board of the international association from the very beginning.

callas software is based in Berlin, Germany. For more information, visit the callas software website at:

Press contact

Four Pees
Justine Trio
T: +32 9 237 10 00

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