ColorLogic announces the release of ZePrA 10 Smart Color Server

05 may. 2022

ColorLogic GmbH, a subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group, releases ZePrA 10, the smart color server that optimizes and automates printing data. This is the anticipated sequel to the 2021 Pinnacle Product Award winner, ZePrA 9 Smart Color Server. Among the most important innovations are the improved and expanded automation options. The Command Line Interface (CLI) has been significantly improved and given more flexibility with the addition of ZePrA Job Control Files. With the Job Control Files almost every function in ZePrA can be controlled remotely without the need to intervene in ZePrA’s user interface.

“We are always looking to add features to simplify our clients’ workflow,” states Thorsten Braun, CTO of ColorLogic. “Adding Job Control Files certainly eases the production process for our users while maintaining the high quality of our product.”

ColorLogic responds to its customers’ requests with a more flexible and faster creation of configurations by adding the Use an existing Configuration as Template option in the Auto Setup mode. Another significant upgrade is the added Temporary change of the Job-specific configuration settings giving users the ability to temporarily change configuration settings on a job-by-job basis. Along with native support of the M1 Silicon processor for macOS and support of Windows 11, ZePrA 10 offers many more upgraded features.

“We are super impressed with what you have provided. ZePrA 10 exceeds our expectations in regard to what we were hoping to see,” states Cheryl Johnson, Vice President of Global Color & PQM at SGS & Co. “We truly appreciate having a solution provider who is willing to fully address our needs, and so quickly, and the positive impact that this has on our business. Thank you!”.

New ColorLogic users will find ZePrA 10 available in five different packages to fit their specified needs. Upgrades to the latest ZePrA 10 are available with an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) or can be purchased at an upgrade price by contacting a ColorLogic dealer.

ZePrA 10 brings overall new capabilities and enhancements to the features used every day. Major features include:

  • New automation possibilities and extended CLI
  • New Auto Setup mode Copy and change an existing Configuration
  • Temporary change of the Job-specific configuration settings
  • Native support of the M1 Silicon processor for macOS and support of Windows 11
  • Added new advanced rendering options to ZePrA’s SmartLink
  • Improved Best Configuration selection in Spot Color Reports
  • Improved color rendering of screen previews
  • New option to retain subfolders moved into the Input folder
  • Export configurations as XML or JSON files
  • Improved compression methods for images in PDF files
  • Many more improvements

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