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10 oct. 2018 By David van Driessche

Support Webinar

How can you learn the most about our software? Well, the obvious answer would be the Online Documentation of course; we have an Online Documentation website where you find lots of background information about the products and their features.

But there’s another source you should know about, as it will teach you things you won’t easily find in the Online Documentation. Every year, callas answers about 1500 support questions. These questions deal with everything: problems with licenses, activation issues, questions with specific PDF documents, questions on how to do things best …

For us, these questions are often just as educational as they are for the customer who asks them. Very often it prompts us to find work-arounds, find the best way to accomplish a certain task or simply stretch a particular feature far beyond what even we thought was possible.

About a year ago, we decided to take advantage of all of that knowledge and we started a recurring webinar series. We called it 'Secrets from the support vaults' and we organize a webinar every two weeks, typically on Tuesday. Each of these webinars looks at one or more questions we received in our support inbox and typically it explains some theory and follows it up with practical usage. You can find the current overview of planned sessions on the Events page on our website.

Of course, we also record these sessions and once the webinar is over, the recording is posted on YouTube so you can easily review it. On our website, you’ll find the recordings in the Webinars section, but you can also watch the callas YouTube channel. The support videos have their own playlist there.

So what kind of topics do they cover? Hard to say because they are so diverse! Below you find a small selection of recent videos, but please check out the full list for many more exciting subjects!

  • Using 'Test Mode' in pdfToolbox
  • How to upsample images
  • Removing objects outside of a page box
  • How to install multiple versions of pdfToolbox at the same time
  • Converting colors & ink saving
  • Slicing a PDF file

Checked it out? Find something you’d like to see covered but isn’t? Please let us know at and we’ll be delighted to take it up in a future episode!

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