Four Pees café - Advantages of visual inspection in print production

28 Feb. 2022

How often have you noticed a mistake in a book or packaging or any other printed product and wondered "How did they miss that?" When people check their own work, even just when writing an email, it's very easy to miss errors. So sometimes these errors make it to the customer in a production environment.

These could be very minor details, like a missing period in a sentence or a small piece of artwork. But they could also be very important and have great consequences. Imagine a missing "-" on the packaging of a medication that says "2-3 capsules daily".

But having people proofreading every document and every artwork through every step of a production process would eat up a lot of time, and as said, people can easily miss a detail.

Computer, though, are fast and accurate. Welcome to automated proofreading software! In this Four Pees Café we will discuss the uses of proofreading software, what different kinds of content inspections exist, and do a practical demonstration of one such solution, Informa IT.

Webinar in English

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