Disc Makers

Disc Makers is the world’s largest CD, DVD and Blu-ray manufacturer for independent musicians, filmmakers and small businesses. Their goal is to help those independents compete head-to-head with larger companies. Since 1946, Disc Makers has offered everything to make a successful release: duplication, replication, printing, graphic design, audio mastering, DVD authoring, worldwide distribution and so much more.

Carrying on with Imp

The music business has changed drastically over the years. But even amongst the digital surge that has changed everything, there has always been a need for disc manufacturing.

"The digital age has closed the gap between independent artists and major label acts. Streaming and social media platforms offer access to fans and potential listeners around the globe. That means there are more opportunities than ever for artists to achieve real career success, especially for those taking a DIY approach. The real challenge lies in supplying artists with what they need to be seen in the same light as the big artists", says Michael Dixon, ME Director at Disc Makers.

Disc Makers produces over 40 million discs for 40 thousand artists every year. To cope with such an amount of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, they needed to improve their efficiency. "We needed an automation solution to prepare us for the artwork and content management of the future", explains Michael. "And that’s where Imp came in."

We chose Imp, because of its development capacity, along with its ability to integrate with custom solutions.

Within three years of deployment, Disc Makers successfully improved their turnaround times and productivity by adding automation to their diversified labor force. "We chose Imp because of its development capacity, along with its ability to integrate with custom solutions. After just 30 days, the software proved to work even better than anticipated", clarifies Michael. "We could always rely on the service and support provided by both Four Pees and InSoft." Disc Makers is now ready for the next generation of independent artists!

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