Inkish Non-Event

30 nov. 2022

INKISH TV probably needs no introduction, but let's give one anyway.

The TV-channel for and about the print industry has been creating videos about people, events, companies business and technology since 2014. With a strong journalistic angle, Morten B. Reitoft and team find the stories that encourage people in the industry.

Inkish' goal is to give business owners of all sizes insights that can inspire the entire business to do more, but also better business.

Their annual gathering NON-EVENT is about creating a tension field that enables people to think smarter, work together, and develop ideas and businesses disconnected from conventional thinking.

The inspring event features an impressive 150+ guest list with people like astrophysicist Henrik Svensmark, Koenig & Bauer VP Digitalisation Sandra Wagner and Cloudprinter CEO Martijn Eier joining.

Four Pees CEO Tom Peire will be there, ready to discuss his bright vision for the future of print. Attending or not, join the discussion by connecting with Tom on LinkedIn.

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