callas pdfToolbox for Label Printing

18 juin 2024

Label workflows are among the most challenging in graphic arts. Its PDF files are often very complex and require a lot of special preparation. pdfToolbox has many things to offer to automate this work. Join our webinar "pdfToolbox for Label Printing" and explore some of the features that will make your label workflows more efficient.

Some of the features we'll showcase:

  • Derive bleed: In label printing, the print content is often non-rectangular. Learn how to add proper bleed for all kinds of shapes.
  • Making production-ready files: Use existing content or page information to add a white underlay behind the page content, derive partial varnish on specific objects or create a dieline with a correct spot color name.
  • Imposition, Step & Repeat, N-Up: Rearrange pages to larger print sheets with pdfToolbox's imposition engine, supporting various layouts and complexities.
  • High-quality proof sheets: Automatically generate proof sheets with previews of your production file and job data from the MIS.
  • Quality Control: pdfToolbox comes with standard preflight profiles that cover the basic requirements for PDF files in label workflows. Verify compliance with international standards such as ISO PDF/X or GWG (Ghent Workgroup) specifications. Packaging and label-specific standards, such as the ISO Processing Steps standard, are also supported.


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